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Re: need Water Softener for new house
« on: August 20, 2021, 04:13:43 PM »
We also went with Diamond Pure - twin star water softener and RO system. In case you go with them, there's a coupon on Yelp that should still be valid for a small discount.

I had never owned a water softener or RO system before, surviving mostly on Brita filters. Having these as part of my day-to-day has been a game changer. No more build-up on the shower glass and water tastes way better.

Two tips to think about:
1) If you end up hooking the RO system to your refrigerator (for the water dispenser and ice maker) look into a bypass water filter for your refrigerator. Your refrigerator comes with a water filter so having both the RO system and refrigerator water filter leaves you with tiny ice cubes and low water pressure for the water dispenser. A bypass water filter from your refrigerator's manufacturer should fix this.

2) I'm sure 99% of people will disagree with this one (the guys at Diamond Pure did), but sometimes with newer builds the water line that goes into your garage also goes to your hose line/sprinkler line in the backyard. So if your water softener system uses sodium, your backyard sprinklers will be watering your plants with sodium water. According to our landscaper, some plants don't do great with sodium. An alternative is to use potassium in your water softener system but it's way more $$$.

Just a thought. Just about everybody else who I asked disagreed and said the sodium in softened water is so low that it should be fine for plants. But I didn't want to end up with a dead garden so I've been opting for potassium.

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