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Re: Congress Elections
« on: January 08, 2021, 01:32:41 PM »

The Senators listed in the article are all with a D behind their name. They kept saying "We don't have the authority...." but they knew who did. Was a call placed to POTUS? Not that I can tell from that article or in any other news resource. So what if VP Pence OK'd the National Guard? For all we know he may have been the first person available in the Executive Branch to get that done. So very little facts are on the ground right now and articles filled with speculation aren't all that interesting to me. As for the level of Police and NG in DC at the time, those levels were based on past Trump rally emergency and law enforcement threats. DC Police were clearly understaffed. Intelligence on what could have gone wrong wasn't paid attention to. It's a failure to plan correctly rather than respond swiftly that caused this to become the problem that it has now. It's 2020 hindsight and I wish that Genie could be stuffed back into the bottle. 

@IHO -

The clip you're mentioning isn't the focus of the video released by the President. It's easy to parse a small part of a call to disburse out like that, but not as truthful as it could be. I've heard that statement distilled down to claims that POTUS "loves" what happened - one word out of a 2 minute video.  The same  goes for those idiots looking for validation. They don't hear the larger "go home" peaceably message, only what is played over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again ad nauseum by the media. Those kinds of people looking for any scrap of validation cannot be stopped even if they were called "terrorists" or thugs. The President condemmned Nazi's and the KKK for many years, but did either of these groups stop because of what was said?

Swift law enforcement, thorough prosecution of offenders, and irreducible jail sentences may put he respect of law back where it belongs. I just don't see it given our current culture, what with "protestors" being released, bailed out, and criminal charging enhancements being cancelled by DA's (LA County for example) this may never happen.

Also yes, social media could help identify these kooks. I'm all for it. You post it? You live with the repercussions.   

IMHO these problems have mushroomed once one side was given the "Get out of jail free" card. Looting without law enforcement sends a terrible message. It's basic undenyable human nature for every other group to believe they will get the same treatment - a free pass to riot without consequence. Had more heads been cracked in Seattle, Portland, Long Beach, and other summer riot filled cities, perhaps DC wouldn't have occurred. As soon as a time machine can be made commercially available we might go back and test this theory for success or failure.

My .02c
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My .02c


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