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Re: 99% Survival rate
« on: November 23, 2020, 01:53:31 PM »
I'm neither Republican or Democrat... I see it logically.

I understand that anti-Covid feel it's not as serious as Coviders but this is still a deadly virus that has unknown long term effects.

Does anyone here want to get cancer or diabetes?

You see it logically that fits in your logic which might not be logical for others. But I don't think you try to fit nonlogical into logical or anything mostly so I get what you mean.

People also talk about the long term effects. How do we know? We've only had this virus less than a year now. Who decides it will side effect people long term? Sure, there has been other coronaviruses before, but isn't this one special unique disease that everyone needed to be put into a long pandemic? I'm trying to see logically here.

On the one hand...we have a ton of data and scientists/medical experts/public health officials saying that the virus is really really bad, has killed lots and lots of people, and will kill lots more people if we don't do certain things.  ERs, hospitals, and medical staffs are being overwhelming and asking the public to help them. 

We have studies that show people having long-term effects as a result of COVID with more studies needed as to whether those effects are permanent.

On the other hand, we have people who say "hey we are sure that lots of people have had it and thus the disease isn't that bad" and politicians/pundits screaming about how putting on a mask is what George Washington fought against. 

Which side is logical and which side is not?

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