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Re: SALT Deduction
« on: April 18, 2019, 12:27:42 PM »
So if people aren't affected by a marginal tax change (up or down), why do some say this affected housing?

Tribal noise. People hear losing salt (SALT) deductions, don't really know what it means. Katie Porter is running a facebook post with a guy saying Trump's tax cut elimiated all the deductions.  Talking heads babble distort and contradict each other or if you're not on a finance channel and a regu!ar news channel or show like Maher or full frontal, its a panel all in agreement marching a line of tropes as unquestionable truth.

CNN is a good example today. 
Mueller report unable to conclude 'no criminal conduct occurred' on obstruction
. Wow, I think Trump is pretty schmucky most of the time, but thats ridiculous.  Guilty until proven innocent much?

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