Author Topic: Harvard records show discrimination against Asian-Americans  (Read 7275 times)


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Re: Harvard records show discrimination against Asian-Americans
« on: October 17, 2018, 07:57:00 AM »
or that when admitting students to an educational program, you should look at more than just test scores

That unfortunately is the crux of the issue.  Harvard had 42,000 applicants. Schools like UCLA are even worse.  Of those applying to Harvard, probably north of 40,000 had test scores and class grades that indicate they could handle the curriculum.

Many want the 2400 test score to be admitted before the kid with 2370 or gasp, a 2200 even though the kid with the 2400 has had four if not more years of SAT boot camps to prepare for the test.

Here's a rather simple question which shows greater merit?  The kid that did several years of SAT prep camps to prepare and achieve a 2400 after multiple test attempts or the kid that achieved a 2200 or even 2000 taking the SAT once? Without attending multiple prep camps?

Unfortunately, that is NOT the crux of this issue and to state so shows a gross misunderstanding of the case.

The issue at trial is whether Harvard systematically discriminated against Asians.

Yes, Asians in aggregate had higher grades and test scores, but also more extra-curricular activities and leadership roles than other ethnic groups.

Yet, inexplicably, they were uniformly rated lower in "personality" than whites and other ethnicities.

The plantiffs allege that Harvard used this fudge factor to discriminate against Asians and pull down their acceptance rate.

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