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Re: cypress village proposed cell tower
« on: November 24, 2013, 11:54:38 PM »
Thanks for the replies everyone!

29kW is a _lot_ of power. Forget accent lighting, we're talking stadium lighting here.

I feel sorry for the guy in the middle rental townhome, hopefully they're not on the upper floors when this thing is on. :(

I guess I was off by a few orders of magnitude with my power level guesstimates. I haven't worked with such powerful RF before, so I will have to recalibrate my thinking slightly.

For those that are concerned, the power/frequency data is sufficient to calculate how much you would be getting if you lived 'x' distance away from the tower.

Note, these numbers are a good estimate, but do not reflect reality, since the antenna emission pattern is never a sphere. Rather it is likely 'bean' shaped, more pointy than that probably. In any case, it is informative.

(I will crunch on this and post later this week as well, but it's getting past bedtime.)

In my goofy way of thinking about this, I can live with a certain amount as we all need RF devices to carry out our work. There is a certain amount of exposure needed to enjoy the conveniences we are all used to, after all.

I am however a bit nervous about living next to a 29kW emitter. Since I like analogies, standing next to that, tower would be like standing next to about oh, 20 microwave ovens... With their doors open!


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