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Technology / Re: Tesla Model Y
« Last post by Compressed-Village on Today at 09:18:41 AM »
Checked the Tesla forum on solar reviews, it’s less than stellar, more like down right cursing the support staffs. Cheaper may not always better.
Health & Fitness / Re: coronavirus
« Last post by USCTrojanCPA on Today at 09:01:55 AM »
I sure as heck hope that this isn't true but if it is then it'll be very concerning (antibodies fading away and being able to get reinfected)...
Health & Fitness / Re: coronavirus
« Last post by zubs on Today at 08:58:33 AM » the home stretch before schools open, deaths and hospitalizations are going up.
It looks like distance learning will be mandatory with our trajectory.
Technology / Re: Tesla Model Y
« Last post by zubs on Today at 08:54:25 AM »
Cars like TVs like Solar systems get cheaper every year.

my 2019 solar system could have been bought for $3500 cheaper from tesla in 2020.

Much like 65" tvs are now going for $900 bucks?

One would think with all this money printing shit would get more expensive.
Health & Fitness / Re: coronavirus
« Last post by Bullsback on Today at 08:53:12 AM »

Halfway down this page is a chart showing new cases rising exponentially in OC. It could be a consequence of more testing, but 1,000+ cases/day is not good imho.
It is also like 3-4 times more cases than all of Germany gets per day. 
Water Cooler / Re: The 2020 Presidential Election
« Last post by morekaos on Today at 08:05:33 AM »
After all is said and done he will spend very little time in jail.  Trump will either pardon him on the way out or on his way back in. 

Out of jail and pardoned by next Christmas if he goes in at all.

Trump commutes prison sentence for Roger Stone

Told ya...way before Christmas...

Water Cooler / Re: Pop up canopy that folds/stores with canopy top
« Last post by freedomcm on Today at 06:53:54 AM »
I think many/most/all of the EZ-up brand shelters keep the fabric attached.
Water Cooler / Re: Pop up canopy that folds/stores with canopy top
« Last post by daedalus on Yesterday at 09:37:26 PM »
I have only seen ones that have the canopy attached and which stores in the bag with the rest of the frame.  I often see them in Costco and Sam's.  However, I have not seen 1 that did not require 2 people to open, unless you have a way to affix the feet in place so you can pull the scissor-action frame open.  I'm sure 1 person can manage, but 2 people will make the job much easier.  Having 2 people makes extending the legs easier too.

Beware the wind with the canopy near the car.  I had one of those large 20' Costco canopies (heavy, rigid, not collapsible).   Wind gusts would move the thing around and the legs would shift.   I had my superduty parked under it and on one windy night I heard a loud noise and looked out the window to find the canopy and frame standing up sideways in my neighbors tree with the legs pretty much horizontal.  It was on the other side of the 5' tall wall that divides our properties.   It was well off the ground and the highest legs were very close to the power lines.  We were so fortunate the tree was there, because if it wasn't the thing probably would have done a lot of damage to my neighbor's house.  One of the legs left a nice scar on the lower rear quarter panel of my truck as it flew up.  Fortunate too that's the only damage to the truck.
Twitter is going to flag this thread as 'Unverified'. :)
Covid does not live in Target, WalMart, Home Depot, Lowes, Amazon, or any grocery store.
It cannot travel 6 feet 1 inch.   Eighty-five percent of people who test positive have no symptoms.  So be afraid!  Be very, very afraid, especially if you are young and healthy.   And a Democrat.
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