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Apple sells the M1 Macs with baseline 8GB RAM/250 GB SSD config -- you can buy this for $650 on Amazon or $670 at Costco.  Note that although Costco cost $20 more, you get Costco's 2 year warranty from date of purchase.  In comparison, AppleCare's 3 year extended warranty from date of purchase will cost $99.  So $20 for the Costco warranty isn't bad.

However,r I didn't buy from Costco because they only sold the base 8 GB RAM model.  The reason is because on the M1 Mac running Big Sur, it can easily consume ~10 GB RAM running just a single application.  I've observed running Safari + Sys Info + Activity Monitor that it ran up to 9.5 GB used.  On the M1 Mac the SSD performance is very good, so writing 2 GB swap file to the SSD doesn't cause noticeable performance impact to most users.  The issue is that NAND flash memory chips on SSD have limited lifespan in write cycles.  So if your Mac is constantly writing GB's and GB's to the swap file, this will eventually impact the SSD lifespan.  The impact is larger on smaller SSD's vs larger SSD's by % of the disk being used.

There are many user reports of premature/excessive SSD wear on the M1 Mac's, you can google for the articles and blog posts.  At this time we're still not 100% certain if the issue is real excessive wear or incorrect reporting, but considering the M1 Mac SSD is not user replaceable, it is a risk.  You can mitigate the risk by purchasing the 16 GB RAM model, which is what I did.  With enough RAM it doesn't need to write to swap file.

For casual users, the baseline model should be OK.  But if you are planning to do a lot of photo and video editing, IMO you should either wait for v2 (or at least wait and see how apple resolves these issues), or buy 16 GB model with at least 500 GB SSD.  Alternatively, used Intel Mac at 1/3 to 1/2 of the price vs new for immediate use, but knowing that it'd be rendered obsolete within few years with future OS X releases.

Asphalt should be made in Riverside not Irvine. :)

Perhaps people should know better than to buy a home built next to an existing asphalt plant and not buy developer property unless the developer buys out the problematic business and does an environmental clean up.

Oh wait, that would make the homes not cheap.

Much easier to sign a bazillion pages of legalize while buying that warns up not to plant anything edible with roots going down more than a foot.
Asphalt should be made in Riverside not Irvine. :)
Health & Fitness / Re: COVID-19 Vaccine Questions
« Last post by irvinehomeowner on Today at 11:53:24 AM »
The best takeaway from these vaccines (as people seem to focus on efficacy) is that they are all excellent at helping reduce death and hospitalization by reducing the severity if you were to still contract Covid.

So get the one that is most available to you.
Here are the 5-year charts for active listings, closed sales, median per SF, and Days On Market (DOM) through December 2020.

Looks like peak prices for Irvine were mid-2018.  Everybody that missed that chance to sell can still get out now with about the same $'s in net proceeds (factoring in loan amortization).  If realtors had a fiduciary duty to advise their clients, USC would have failed in that duty by not advising his clients to avoid Irvine.  Every other city in Orange County has had better price performance over the past three years.

IHO likes to ask "Where's Liar Loan?" every time the chart fails to regain the prior peak.  He'll never acknowledge that I was right to call this Irvine price drop.  I was the first to call it back in 2018 when IHO thought a YoY decline in Irvine prices was an impossibility.  He was wrong about Irvine values being special and now he can't let it go.

By USC's own admission, it took a massive rate drop from 5% to 2.5% just to keep Irvine prices flattish to slightly down.  I wonder what happens when post-pandemic rates start to normalize again?  tic, tic, tic...

How much was this "painful" Irvine price drop you predicted? 5%, 10% 20%?

Do you even know what the prices are now compared to 2018?

Prices ebb and flow all the time. Could it have been seasonal?

Ever been in a parking garage?  You've breathed toxic chemicals.  Let's ban parking garages.  Ever burned food in your house?  Yep, toxic chemicals.  Let's ban cooking at home.  What about workers in facilities that work with plastics?  Yep, let's put them out of work and put the owners in jail. What about the workers in the asphalt plant?  And the workers that spread asphalt?  And the people within a 5 mile radius of asphalt spreading?  Ban it all.

It is all preference. I never complained about this topic. But you are going at it wrong. Let the people who are %u201Ceffected%u201D confront or address the problem.
This does not sound like a slip and fall incident and they are making it up.
I mean they spend big bucks to buy their house. Who knows it has an impact on their overall health? (Just saying and not accusing anybody. It is just a simple question.)

As I previously mentioned, I will never live by a freeway, unless I have no other option. I guess I have to add, I will never live by an asphalt company.

A reasonable response.

On the other hand, the ferocity of someguy's response make it sound like he has something to lose.  Property values would be my guess.

I'm definitely an idiot, but I'm not so misguided to think that my idiotic internet posts could influence property values.

Idiot, no.  I agree any internet posts would influence property values, however the thought of property values probably influences your words.

You can read my mind?  This conversation has derailed.  Take care, good luck to you.
Health & Fitness / Re: COVID-19 Vaccine Questions
« Last post by USCTrojanCPA on Today at 03:02:14 AM »
Has anyone had a vaccine other than Pfizer or Moderna?

This video is a few months old but it is extremely informative.

I'm going to wait until the J&J vaccine is available because I don't want to deal with 2 shots along with the negative symptoms after the 2nd shot from the mRNA vaccines.
O.C. Real Estate / Re: Serrano Summit | Lake Forest
« Last post by USCTrojanCPA on Today at 02:11:07 AM »
It'll be interesting to see how the RE market will be impacted due to the correction in the stock market this week.

It won't be impacted much at all unless we get a crash.
what about interest rates going up?

Rates having gone up as only affected those buyers there were on the margin/stretching.  So instead of 10 offers on a house now there is only 7-8.  Rates will have to hit at least the high 3s or low 4s before we see any material impact.  There's still a lot of FOMO out there.
Owner's Issues / Re: Tree moving service?
« Last post by USCTrojanCPA on Today at 02:09:19 AM »
Any recommendations on moving a tree from one home to another? We've got a small pomegranate tree (6' tall) that we planted and that we've grown very fond of as it just started fruiting last year (amazingly sweet).

Certain trees don't take being moved well (too much shock for them and they end up dying).  Talk to a few landscapers and find out if pomegranate trees can survive being moved.
Owner's Issues / Re: Pool installation?
« Last post by USCTrojanCPA on Today at 02:07:50 AM »
I installed a pool in my Las Vegas home for my dad.  We started in Jan and were supposed to finish by April but then covid hit and many of the supply manufacturers closed and supplies were not available.  The pool ended up getting completed by the end of July.  I ended up going with Pentair pool equipment after doing research online.  I also went with the salt water pool option as well as the pebbletec paster and the SunTrek pool solar system.  As Kenkoko mentioned, the payments should be separated into distinct milestones.  I also had to get HOA approval which required getting 3 of the neighbors to sign the request.  My dad, who is a total perfectionist, was there making sure that sloppy/shotty work was corrected.  We also ended up redoing the rear landscaping at the same time.  One BIG piece of advice with landscaping, don't let the landscaper pick your plants, trees, and other greenery because my company tried to install some crappy stuff and my dad refused to let them.  He ended up going to the local nursery and picking out everything by himself and had the landscaping company pick everything up and installing it.
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