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World Cup 2022

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Today is probably one of the most exciting days in WC history for the knock out stage. Both matches were decided by penalty kicks and with late dramas.

Match 1
Tied at regulation, Brazil scored one goal in the 1st half of OT but Croatia scored the equalizer in the second OT to force penalty kicks. Brazil had many scoring chances but Croatia's goal keeper was very good. On the other hand Croatia made sure their shot count.
Brazil choked on the PKs and their star Neymar did not even get a chance to kick penalty kick.

Match 2
Argentina led by two goals but Netherlands came back late, and their second goal literally was scored at the last second/last play of regular period's stoppage time to force overtime. After overtime it was tied so the game went into penalties. Netherlands kicked first but missed the first two so it could've ended early but it was not decided until Argentina made the last penalty.


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It's really dumb to assign your star as the fifth taker, unless he isn't as good at it as the other 4.

This reminds me of Euro 2012 semi-finals between Portugal and Spain, where Spain won 4-2 after penalties and Ronaldo didn't get a chance to take his penalty because he was the last taker.


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The final match of the World Cup 2022 also ended with a penalty shootout between France and Argentina. The two were tied with a score of 3 even. After that, 2 extra innings, the results were still the same. In the end, both teams had to end with a penalty shootout and the victory was named Argentina. It was a very good football game.