Mercado Gonzales on Harbor and Wilson, Costa Mesa


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Drove through the lot last night and this place had a line around the block! Hope to try it when the crowds settle down….anyone get to go inside this past weekend? How was it?
We went. It is an awesome setup. Lots of food different options of food. We went around 8pm on Saturday night so there was no line to get in. The churro line was insane though. Would definitely recommend.
Sounds a bit like Cravings by 99 Ranch in Chino. I like the concept and I'm not sure why it hasn't taken off more. I think the H-Mart implementation of it at Culver/Irvine Blvd is fine but could use more restaurants and more money into the actual execution of the spaces. There's also Mendo at Whole Foods Jamboree/District and the smaller options at Zion Market on Irvine Blvd for smaller-scale food court/grocery that is nicer than say, a Costco food court.

edit: Totally forgot about 99 Ranch and Wholesome Choice food courts in Irvine, though both are a little sad and could use love. Gelsons also has a limited bar/food situation that.
I am excited about the range of foods that are hardly represented in Irvine. The imported ingredients and ideas are just gorgeous from what I can see online. Tamales, churros, fruit, ceviche, tacos….🌮