IUSD TK/Kindergarten hours


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As far as I know, IUSD TK/K is only like 3.5 hours per day (correct me if I'm wrong). This is one of the lowest number of hours compared to other friend's I know in SoCal and also to Tustin. Anyone know why? Is it overcrowding/low faculty? I know some schools even have 2 classes for same grade (earlier/later session). Just trying to understand.
Irvine never adopted full day kinder/TK, keep your kids in their preschool for Kinder/TK as you see fit. I'm past this period, but I wished they had full day kinder.
Irvine is one of the 20% of CA districts that do not offer full day kinder. Last year, Newsom vetoed a bill that would make full day kinder mandatory. IUSD has cited lack of space as the reason why.