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Top public university rankings in the U.S. by Niche.

#1 Top University in America : University of California Los Angeles Acceptance rate : 11%
#2 Top University in America : University of Michigan Ann Arbor Acceptance rate : 20%
#3 Top University in America : Georgia Institute of Technology Acceptance rate : 16%

Did you know that the freshmen acceptance rate to Georgia Tech was 60% 15 years ago? Today, Georgia Institute of Technology has now lowest admission rate after UCLA and Berkeley in terms of top public universities.

Georgia Tech Freshman Admission from 2006 - 2010

2006 Applicants 9610 Accepted 6251 % Applied Accepted 65%
2007 Applicants 9780 Accepted 6145 % Applied Accepted 63%
2008 Applicants 10157 Accepted 6161 % Applied Accepted 61%
2009 Applicants 11432 Accepted 6721 % Applied Accepted 59%
2010 Applicants 13495 Accepted 6976 % Applied Accepted 52%

2022 Applicants 49706 Accepted 7785 %Applied Accepted 15%
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Haven't you read? SAT scores have no value anymore. :)
Georgia Tech and UGA admissions still require the SATs from its students. I have heard that UC Admissions removed the SAT requirements among its applicants since 2020. How do you and your friends feel about that? Do you think that UC Admissions made the right decision?
I do.

SATs are just a pocket industry that doesn't really prove a student's "aptitude" for college.

Psychological profiles might be better. :)
In 2010, Georgia Institute of Technology's acceptance rate was 61% ranking nationally #35. In 2010, the Student demographic profile 70% male, 30% female, 67% White, 17% Asian, 7% Black, 5% Hispanic.

What is interesting is that the Student demographic profile of Georgia Institute of Technology looks very similar today to what California Institute of Technology and MIT looked like in 2010. In 2038, The student demographic profile of Georgia Institute of Technologh should look similar to what Cal Tech and MIT looks like today. Georiga Tech will soon become the first Asian majority Public University in the state of Georgia.

I predict that Georgia Institute of Technology will soon be ranked among the top 25 Colleges in US News ranking competing with University of Michigan, University of Virginia, and University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill.

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The Asian demographic is what public school districts want to juice their numbers.

Fletcher Elementary school in Orange went from a 3/10 to a 6/10 using the Mandarin immersion program.
They are now rebranded as Fletcher Mandarin Language Academy instead of just "elementary school", so they can get more Asians!

Now Anaheim has just started a Mandarin immersion program of their own.
Since Fletcher and Roosevelt are pretty close together, they are competing for the same mandarin language students.

Roosevelt is rated 4/10, but will be going up in the near future.

I see that GA colleges are also benefitting from the higher Asian student body.
Georgia Tech's International Students come from 1) China 2) India 3) South Korea

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Georgia Tech students are mostly Georgia residents. The largest out-of-state student base comes from California (1), Texas (2), then, Florida(3).