Finland Sued for Crimes Against Humanity for Jabs Deaths and Injuries

*In robotic tone*

The vaccine is safe and effective. Take it to protect yourself and loved ones. The only proven side effect is moral supremacy over anyone who asks questions about the vaccine. Sign up today for annual booster reminders. This message has been paid for by Pfizer.
*In human tone*

I have two retired friends who did not take the poison jab and they contracted :::: gasp :::::: Covid-19.

One had a slightly sleepless night or two. The other couldn't smell his coffee as he usually does. That was the extent of their

In December 2023, I caught Covid-19 and took some big horse pills for a week. I felt mild discomfort.
No deaths from unvaccinated people I have heard of.

Millions of deaths of vaccinated humans have been reported for some weeks. Colorado Supreme Court ruled that government CANNOT mandate vaccinations. They were illegal. I hope the military members, police and firemen who were terminated for failure to be jabbed get back pay and reinstatement.