Brand New Detached home under $900,000.

NEW -> Contingent Buyer Assistance Program
Brand New Detached Home with Driveway under $900,000.

Rembrandt at Chino, minutes to Orange county.

zoned for Well known Chino Hills High School.
-detached home with driveway from 1800- 2100 sq.ft
3- 5 bedrooms

From $877,990 to $945,990.

-facing the Preserve Town Center Plaza.
-4-5 miles to Costco and 99 Ranch Market
-Walking to distance to the neighborhood k-8 school
-popular with first time homebuyers from Orange County.

-no bidding, everything is available on first come, first served basis.

for details, please contact Mike at 714 548 9224.

“Minutes to Orange County”??
59 minutes is still "minutes to OC" :ROFLMAO:

Seriously, though, the commute from Chino to OC really really sucks. I used to live in Eastvale, so I know. Before they turned the 91 carpool portion into toll road, 71 South in the morning was fine, but after that, that 3 mile stretch takes 15-20 minutes. And let's not even talk about 91 West in the morning, or worse yet, 91 East in the evening. It got so bad I had to take 241 to work. And after the pandemic, 241 North in the evening was really bad too. I'm just happy we finally moved to Irvine.