Aizen (udon), Little Tokyo, Los Angeles


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232 E 2nd St Ste B Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 278-0760
Price: $10 to $60+ (!)

This new restaurant opened on 2nd Street about 6 months ago in Little Tokyo. In short, if you're looking for good quality, semi-upscale udon & sushi restaurant to take parents & in-law's, this is a good place. Call ahead to confirm opening time (5:30PM for dinner but subject to change), ask for parking instructions -- they have an agreement with building owner to allow customers to park at leasing office parking for free after 6PM. Yes they are open for lunch.

You can browse the menu for prices and photos (, some stuff like set meals is not on the web site. Eating here can cost you as little as $10+ for tanuki udon to $35 for black truffle & caviar udon, or $50-$60 for set menu with specialty udon, appetizer, sashimi, and mochi ice cream. All beautifully presented and suitable for making in-law's happy. We had the uni cream udon, udon vongole, tempura udon, and I ordered the beef udon. The appetizers included cold cut beef with truffle & truffle oil, seared fish, and steamed egg. The udon vongole (clams) is meh-OK, the uni cream udon is super rich, tempura udon I'd suggest asking them to plate the fried shrimp instead of dunking it inside the soup, and the beef udon had very good soup base and noodle texture.

If you're looking for something cheaper for a quick bite, try Marugame Monzo on 1st street:


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I really wish theyd open a Monzo here in OC. I have been driving up to DTLA to eat Monzo every weekend and the drive + parking is annoying