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    I watched it so you don't have to tear you eyes out..."Million Dollar Listing"

    <blockquote>Nice recon work because it wasn?t listed by Josh or even co-listed by Josh based upon the MLS database. When Josh was selling the home, it was listed by Rex McDown.</blockquote> This makes me wonder if sellers are calling these guys to get the tv exposure more than actually...
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    I watched it so you don't have to tear you eyes out..."Million Dollar Listing"

    Watched the latest episode tonight and had a few questions for you IHB folks about the Newport Coast home. First off - when they showed the property they claimed that it had a view of downtown LA. Is that possible? I've spent a decent amount of time in Newport Coast and it seems inconceivable...
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    I know that Detroit is an armpit..but this is just beyond sad.. rop

    Buffalo, NY is in a similar boat. We used to live in the shadow of the <a href="">H.H. Richardson Complex</a>. The neighborhood was full of beautiful, two story victorians built at the turn of the century to house the workers for the Pan...
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    Shady Canyon

    I always thought Shady Canyon was desirable primarily because of the large lots and easy access to the freeway. The coastal communities (Newport Beach, Newport Coast, and Laguna Beach) can be troublesome if you need to commute every day.
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    East Bluff and Newport Heights/Cliff Haven Question

    Regarding the planes...we have close friends who live just off Jamboree near Balboa Island. When we visit we often stay about a week. For the first few days the noise of the planes taking off wakes me up at 7:00am. For about 45 minutes it seems like there are non-stop planes taking off and...
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    Shady Canyon

    I didn't notice how little land you get. The house looks out over the hills and has an amazing view. You feel like you're very high up and it feels secluded. It does feel like you have a ton of space. There are other reasons why I wouldn't spend 10 million on this house but the amount of...
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    Shady Canyon

    I toured this property last week. It is spectacular. All of the bedrooms are on the top floor and I loved the outdoor spaces. Of course, I haven't seen many $10 mill properties to compare it too!
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    Homeowner Association Abuse

    Have you tried befriending him? What if you invited him over for a family dinner or barbeque? Put all the ugliness aside for an evening and let him get to know you and your family as human beings whom he can talk to if he has problems or concerns. It's worth trying before you lay out...
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    How much is your rent for your private rental?

    We're not in Irvine so skip if you're only looking at So Cal. We pay $1,600 a month for a 3 bed/2 bath, 1700 sq ft in a suburb east of Sacramento. The area has high HOA's and while much of Sacramento has come down to $100 sq/ft sales price this area is still selling at around $190-$200...
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    Real Housewives of OC update

    Are the Barney's the ones who we saw moving gym equipment in the house? Where they chipped the walls and broke the banister and cracked the floor? That house? They should put that clip on endless loop during their open houses! <em>edited: to change "their realtor" to "they" since...
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    Newport Coast

    I'm always curious about the high end...any interesting stories in the custom home, ocean view, multi-million dollar listings?
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    Newport Coast

    Popping in to second the bump. Any updates on what is happening up in the rarefied air of Newport Coast?
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    John Becker---$300 for a house free & Clear???

    We used to live in Buffalo, NY. We lived within the city limits in an economically depressed neighborhood. Our neighbors paid $3,000 for a beautiful 4 bedroom, 3 bath home. It was a turn of the century home - 2 story Victorian style with hardwood floors, leaded glass windows, and huge front...
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    Show me The Bloodbath -- Not seeing it in Laguna Beach

    <blockquote>When it?s a $4 million dollar beach front place that is upside down a million and you?ve got ten million in the bank, walking away is like saying I?m going to take a 10% loss on my entire portfolio. Those that are exposed are the people making $250,000 - $500,000 and struggled into...
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    Show me The Bloodbath -- Not seeing it in Laguna Beach

    I'm not keen on jumping into this blood bath of a thread and potentially risking the ire of the Heads of State here at IHB but...I've been wondering the same thing as the original poster. As I've stated in other threads I have been keeping an eye on the high end properties in Newport and...
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    Newport Coast

    <strong>Sell4u</strong> - how are the resale prices of custom homes determined? I'm sure I'm showing my ignorance here but what makes a house a 10 million dollar house instead of 5 mil? I look at all the houses for sale in Pelican Crest and they all seem to have stunning views and beautiful...
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    Newport Coast

    Has the high end custom build sections of NC begun to fall yet? Or is it possible that they really are immune?
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    I need to lose 20 lbs in three months

    Panda, I'm going to focus in on the fact that you are running 45 minutes a day but aren't losing weight. Along with the eating recommendations have you tried changing up your workout? I know that I can hit a plateau in my running, especially if I'm doing 5-6 miles regularly at a comfortable...
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    Newport Coast

    Bumping this back up to see what is happening in the 'coast. A few properties have popped up in the MLS lately that look interesting. Pelican Crest is the area that fascinates me the most. <strong> IR, IR2 </strong>and others - what are your thoughts on what's happening there in the custom...
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    Terra Cotta Warriors at Bowers in Santa Ana

    Just returned from a fabulous 4th in Newport Beach and had the opportunity to swing by the Bowers Museum to see the Terra Cotta Warriors exhibit. I would HIGHLY recommend this exhibit to everyone. I took the entire family from a 5 year old all the way up to Grandma and everyone loved it...