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  1. nilam_IHB

    IHB Volunteer Day at the OC Food Bank

    So far it's me, zovall, tmare, cubic zirconia, sunshine, and mcdonna1980 (with a maybe from EvaLSerapham).
  2. nilam_IHB

    Susan B. Anthony would be rolling in her grave right now.

    ^^"I love watching the pink show..."'m appalled. Oh wait. That room IS kind of dreamy. And I DO wish I had a body like that. And I actually HAVE a pink hairbrush. I heart Barbie.
  3. nilam_IHB

    IHB Volunteer Day at the OC Food Bank

    The Orange County Food Bank distributes more than 15 million pounds of food annually and benefits from volunteers who enable the distribution of food to those in need. This event is a volunteer day where we will be helping assemble food boxes for distribution. This will be somewhat physical...
  4. nilam_IHB

    Anyone ever do the Camp Pendleton Mud Run?

    It's not horrible - when we did it in June, we started towards the back and ended up walking and stopping a whole lot because there were just so many people and getting through the obstacles would cause a traffic jam. If you're competitive and want to get the best time ever, then it will...
  5. nilam_IHB

    I am, once again gainfully employed read on please.

    Grace, How's the new job treating you? I'm guessing busy; I miss your humor but I'm hoping the new job is going well. :-)
  6. nilam_IHB

    I am, once again gainfully employed read on please.

    Congratulations Grace! Feeling good about where you work, what you do and who you work with adds so much to personal and professional fulfillment. So happy for you! Good luck with the transition back.
  7. nilam_IHB

    Unique and Interesting Websites

    So total waste of time site that makes me chuckle outloud: <a href=""></a> I particularly like "Samuel L. Jacksom totally looks like this llama" and "this yearbook picture of my friend totally looks like Bobby Hill."
  8. nilam_IHB

    Tea House in San Juan Capistrano

    Thanks for the recommendation on this, Momo. A friend and I went there this morning. We had the hash brown quiche and the vegetable frittata with scones instead of crumpets. Also split a nice pot of tea. the food and ambiance was cute and the food was quite good and was generous. Momopi was...
  9. nilam_IHB

    Robbery in Irvine

    You also have to wonder if the thief had previous knowledge about the store (either about their cash flow or work schedules, etc.), making him feel like this place was a good target. OR maybe it was just a random walk-by robber by some dumb, down-on-their-luck kid.
  10. nilam_IHB

    I am extremely terrified of Chinese people.

    Too funny. Try "why would" - interesting...
  11. nilam_IHB

    Why does my doxie howl?

    Daschunds are funny breeds - I wiork with someone who was a vet tech and she says that they think they can fly since they're always trying to jump off of things and hurting their backs. Although I'm sure it's SUPER annoying when your stepdaughter is trying to play the piano, come on - that's...
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    Where in OC...

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    Where in OC...