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    How high will mortgage rates climb in the next 36 months?

    If rates go higher, it will reduce liquidity of the whole financial system. No real estate transactions, no lending or borrowing, no credit card transactions...
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    Should I refinance now?

    Yes, you are absolutely right. My margin is 2.25%, so the rate would be 7.75% at the current index level.... So the real question is where would the Refinitiv USD IBOR 12m go in the next 5 months... Is there a place where I can see the historical date of the rate, even better with comparison to...
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    Should I refinance now?

    The cap of first change is 5%.... After that it is 2% cap on future rate changes.
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    Should I refinance now?

    I have an ARM 3/1, and the first 3-year fixed-rate period will end soon on Nov 1 2023. That means my rate--and therefore my monthly payment--is going to change (yes, increase) on Nov 1 2023. My current rate is 4.125%. I am so afraid the rate is going to be above 7% or even 8% by Nov. I have...
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    Recommendation of home inspector

    Thank you! That information is appreciated!
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    Recommendation of home inspector

    This is is my purchase of resale property in Ontario CA. Any recommendation is appreciated. I contacted Steve from Bilt Right who is highly recommended here, by he is fully booked for the next two weeks.
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    Recommendation of resale home inspectors in Ontario

    Hi, I am looking for home inspectors for my resale property purchase in Ontario CA. Any recommendation for services in that area is highly recommended. Thank you!
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    Auto Pay Property Tax: possible?

    Reminder on calendar does not work for busy man. Reminds you on 12/1 and you are busy on that day for something else. Then you forgot it on 12/2 and no reminder any more. It is better to set a reminder everyday from 12/1 to 12/6. But then you might end up down pay. Say you pay on 12/1 upon...
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    Sherry Wang from Citi Mortgage is Fantastic!

    If you are recently shopping around for mortgages, give Sherry Wang from Citi a try. I just closed escrow with Sherry, and my experience is fantastic. She not only beat all competitors' rates, but also locked the rate for me for extended periods that no one else was able to do. She guided me...
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    Free Car Wash--Fast5Xpress Tustin Marketplace

    Is there a long line?
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    The Meadows, Lake Forest by Toll Brothers

    Phase 1 has not moved in yet. I think they will close in end of October.
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    How high will mortgage rates climb in the next 36 months?

    Is that VA loan assumable to any buyers, or only to qualified buyers? Will the buyer be checked for qualification?
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    Serrano Summit | Lake Forest

    Wow, this is very pricy. More expensive than Meadows by TB per sqft. And it does not have a view....
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    Anyone know a good real estate lawyer?

    You can bring a lawyer in arbitration. Mediation is when a lawyer is not involved.
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    Anyone know a good real estate lawyer?

    Thanks. That makes sense to me now.
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    Anyone know a good real estate lawyer?

    So a refund for out of state relocation, but no refund for losing jobs?
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    Where can I find homes with the concept of an ADU in Irvine?

    Does this backyard only cost $600k? My neighbor spent $600k on his bakcyard and it is non-comparable to this. Leave alone that the construction took more than a year from ground breaking to all done. 
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    Housing Analysis

    Yes, 10-year treasury yield has been coming down from the high. Fixed mortgage rate will follow.