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    'Wokeness' in IUSD and TUSD?

    TUSD gets additional money if a student transfers from another district. There is no additional money for an in district transfer. So TUSD is financially incentivized to prioritize out of district students for those available Beckman slots.
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    Orchard Hills 4 - "The Summit" Updates

    The city intends to sell 80 acres of land at Jeffrey and Portola to a developer and use the proceeds to repay the bond. It is assumed that they have a handshake deal with TIC, but this is a weird way to structure the deal. The Voice of OC article indicates that the city hasn’t been able to do...
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    Orchard Hills 4 - "The Summit" Updates

    It was the same process with IP at Orchard Hills. They are explicit about this stuff because they don’t want to be sued.
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    Orchard Hills 4 - "The Summit" Updates

    Pelican Hill 2.0
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    all American asphalt

    That’s pretty far from Jeffrey and Portola. I agree with you that there isn’t a huge need at that location, though, because there are 4 or 5 sports parks that are closer to Jeffrey and Portola than the one you mentioned!
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    all American asphalt

    Crean Lutheran’s athletic fields are off Portola between Sand Canyon and Bee Canyon.
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    all American asphalt

    Wasn’t the Jeffrey and Portola park planned to be a sports park? So it would be a loss if live close and want to play baseball/softball or soccer. It is a win if you prefer hiking trails. The big winners are Reserve owners and future OH4 buyers. No more AAA and it will be replaced with a big...
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    all American asphalt

    The OCR article says the housing development will be 450 units in 80 acres. That sounds similar to the density of Orchard Hills— which only rates as affordable housing to FCBs. Of course, the plan could change, but buying AAA, building a 700 acre park, building homes, and turning a profit likely...
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    Irvine Spectrum Adds First OC Shake Shack

    It is probably because it is part of the Irvine Improv comedy club.
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    ICE or EV?

    Everyone who currently has solar is under NEM 2.0 (or NEM 1.0 if you installed before June 2015) for a long time. If someone is considering solar they should try to get the deal done before April if possible (probably not possible if you haven’t started the process).
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    ICE or EV?

    Under NEM 2.0: If a SCE customer uses 5000 kWh in a year and generates 5000 kWh with solar then they owe nothing (beyond standard SCE fees). If a SCE customer uses 6000 kWh in a year and generates 5000 kWh with solar they owe SCE for 1000kWh at the end of the year. If a SCE customer uses...
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    EV/Plug-in/Other vehicles

    Access to gasoline would never be disrupted during and/after a natural disaster, right?
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    OC Power Authority

    It looks like customers who are enrolled in net metering with SCE will be transitioned at their next true up date. If you have solar AND generate more than you use then this is a small win since they pay an extra 10% over SCE?s NSC rate. It looks like you will still receive an annual bill from...
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    Costco gas station at Tustin Ranch

    I?m definitely curious to see how this works out. The Costco gas station at The District looks like it was designed to create traffic problems. Although, in fairness, most of the design of The District feels that way. The Marketplace location shouldn?t be as bad, but it is hard to imagine that...
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    Movies that remind me of Irvine

    Woodbridge high school is also featured prominently in Gleaming the Cube. There is another great scene shot in orange groves that is now Oak Creek golf course.
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    Orange balloon to get $500k replacement

    The new balloon seems to be dramatically more orange than the previous balloon ever was.
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    If you could buy any Car...

    Either or maybe
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    Fisker Karma / Green Cars

    How many coal fired power plants are providing power to homes in Irvine?
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    "No Yelpers!"

    Yelp is the kind of place that as you read the posts you feel yourself getting dumber.
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    Google Wave

    It can kind of be anything you want it to be, but I use it as a collaboration tool for my business. I think it is 50/50 whether or not it survives. I think it would be more useful if it was better integrated with Google Apps-- which is probably something that is in the works.