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  1. qwerty

    The Landing Tustin Legacy (Brookfield Residential)

    Walmart is the eye sore Donuts + Taco Bell + Habit + Jollibee + Panda - that is victory row right there
  2. qwerty

    The Landing Tustin Legacy (Brookfield Residential)

    What are the the micro location issues? It’s right across the street from Taco Bell - that should erase any micro location concerns :-) The proximity to the temporary homeless shelter on barranca for the city of Tustin is not ideal. It’s been “temporary” for 2-3 years now.
  3. qwerty

    Capital Grille

    I second Vaca - very tasty. Has anyone been to marble steakhouse over in Woodbury?? https://yelp.to/ujOkytfjrvb Looks like a Korean steakhouse? They have Korean bbq on the menu.
  4. qwerty

    Auto Pay Property Tax: possible?

    I’m pretty sure most people won’t forget from one day to the next that they cut a $10k check.
  5. qwerty

    The Landing Tustin Legacy (Brookfield Residential)

    Is that for comparable square footage? The plan 3s are about 3300 sq ft. Did similar size homes in the areas you mention have MR at around $3,700 for that size house?
  6. qwerty

    The Landing Tustin Legacy (Brookfield Residential)

    The Cira plan 3 is nice, maybe it’s the 3y I’m thinking of. 3300 sq ft or so for 1.3M seems like a pretty decent deal. But it’s probably trading at a discount to Greenwood for the reasons you mentioned. Is the price still 1.3M for the plan 3s? Or have they come down? What is the Mello Roos on...
  7. qwerty

    Joys of replacing a fridge, attempt #4

    I did not. I probably should have.
  8. qwerty

    Earliest age/best time to give your child a smartphone?

    My kids have had iPhones for a while. When my daughter started kinder i activated the phone service and put in her backpack to track her. Since she had a phone we gave my son a phone and he was 3. And I wonder why they are glued to their phones now :-(
  9. qwerty

    Joys of replacing a fridge, attempt #4

    We bought a dishwasher from Costco and the installer was this older Vietnamese guy. The guy measured, balance, remeasured. You could tell the guy took pride in what he did. That was probably the best installation experience we have had.
  10. qwerty

    COVID-19 Retail Openings and Closures

    IHO - toast kitchen and bakery opened up a couple of days ago. Next to the pizza press. https://yelp.to/KvzTgA8U2ub
  11. qwerty

    How soon until Bitcoin crashes?

    No crypto for me.
  12. qwerty

    Congress Elections

    I would have been ok with the forgiveness if they actually tried to reign in college costs. But they did not even attempt to do that. Glad it didn’t work out.
  13. qwerty

    How soon until Bitcoin crashes?

    At one point I said I would pull the trigger on BTC the next time it hit 30,000. Glad I didn’t pull the trigger after all. I don’t think I have the guts for crypto That FTX commercial was one of my favorite commercials. I had forgotten it was ftx that actually made the commercial. I don’t...
  14. qwerty

    Retail Openings and Closures

    I was a violater of making lefts by Red Robin :-)
  15. qwerty

    Retail Openings and Closures

    They also got rid of the parking spots the were perpendicular to traffic in front of michaels. It’s about time. People had to back out and it would block traffic.
  16. qwerty

    Retail Openings and Closures

    IHO - not sure if you know but Bruxie opened up at south coast plaza a couple of weeks ago. Over by Bloomingdale’s at the Collage Hall
  17. qwerty

    Retail Openings and Closures

    The main Union Market landlord was being g sued by vestar https://www.latimes.com/socal/daily-pilot/entertainment/story/2022-08-17/we-dont-know-what-is-going-on-the-future-of-the-union-market-in-tustin-remains-unclear?_amp=true
  18. qwerty

    Sherry Wang from Citi Mortgage is Fantastic!

    Let’s not forget about SGIP!
  19. qwerty

    EV/Plug-in/Other vehicles

    The 2030 X5 looks kind of good.
  20. qwerty

    Fall 2022 Commission trends?

    With the ease of access to available homes through Redfin and Zillow does incentivizing the buyers agent really work?? I’m assuming most buyers have visibility to all the homes on the market and new homes that come online. I can’t imagine an agent being able to persuade a buyer to go buy a...