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    Congress set to expand homebuyer tax credit

    So if I closed escrow on the 15th of October and meet the qualifications do I get the tax credit also? When did this start?
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    Rental History/Tenent credit check

    Question for all you landlords out there who have income properties, what online service do you use for rental history and credit check for applicants? I've used some in the past but they require a yearly subscription fee.There are so many to choose from and I would feel more comfortable using...
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    What type of subfloor do I have? Quail Hill - Ambridge

    So BK can I nail the wood boards or do I have to use a glue down application for the wood flooring?
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    What type of subfloor do I have? Quail Hill - Ambridge

    Hello everyone! I'm new here and have a question that I thought someone on here could answer for me... Maybe BK or USC... I'm not sure what category this post should go on... Sorry about that in advance... I own a condo in Quail Hill's Ambridge and I live on the second floor. I'm looking to...
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    Has anyone bought flooring from Simple Floors?

    I went to Simple Floors and pricing seemed a bit steep. Take a trip to State College in Anaheim, there are a bunch of flooring places there with great products and great prices.