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    APAAS - worth it?

    Sorry for misspelling APAAS. :-[  The homework on the weekends was true in our case. We felt the amount of homework excessive and not very beneficial. Other people may have had a different experience, and I am glad they found the workload appropriate and beneficial for their children.  I found...
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    IUSD adopts ?Teen Talk? as new sex ed curriculum

    I requested access to the materials and reviewed all the videos, slides etc. and decided that the materials are not appropriate for my child. There were some modules that were appropriate but a lot of them were not. For example, in the ?Birth Control? section, there was a slide that explained...
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    APAAS - worth it?

    No, APPAS was not worth it.  My child went to TR APPAS program.  There were way too much useless, busy homework, projects etc. Homework was assigned on weekends as well, often assigned on Sunday afternoon, due at midnight.The educational model was quantity rather than quality.