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  1. locolocal

    Big cities that feel most like Irvine?

    The area in San Diego around the University Town Center shopping Center.  Soulless.
  2. locolocal

    irvine serial rapist convicted

    The nation's safest city did a good job about not attracting a lot of press coverage about this guy. I guess he wasn't ugly enough Court Travis Dewayne Batten Jr., Former Auto Mechanic, Guilty of Rape and Attempted...
  3. locolocal

    Why is Irvine considered affluent?

    The print article says zip code 92620.  Bubble Peak (2006 Q2)  $835,000 4th quarter 2013 $851,000 Bottom (2011 Q4) $ 638,000 And for people who compare Irvine to San Marino:  median price in zip code 91108 for 4th quarter 2013 was $1,865,000.
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    Why is Irvine considered affluent?,0,6106375.story#axzz2vmeO45Ul Housing prices surpass bubble peak in some Southland ZIP Codes
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    Anywhere BUT Irvine

    You're too late with that idea.  The Incredible Edible Farm is set to debut at the Great Park.  There's nothing better tasting than fresh vegetables grown on toxic military waste.
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    Anywhere BUT Irvine

    I was thinking of starting a mobile grocery truck like the kind they have in Santa Ana and East L.A. (,0,7683856.htmlstory#axzz2tn4oaK00) for those who dread going to the supermarket but it would specialize in non-ethnic food.
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    The Real Paramilitary SWAT Trucks of Orange County

    This article doesn't say if they used the vehicle or not.
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    Anywhere BUT Irvine

    Pasadena or Glendale or Chicago
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    Asian begging

    organized crime?  human trafficking?
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    The Real Paramilitary SWAT Trucks of Orange County
  11. locolocal

    Women stomped to death in Santa Ana

    I read a comment (I think in the LA Times) where someone read a comment (i think from ABC) that someone heard that at first it was two women fighting and then a third came by and kicked her stiletto heel right through the girl's temple.
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    Another AMEX deal @ Amazon

    I wish I waited before I bought something from  I got an offer for $30 off of $90, but Amazon has the same same deal except what I wanted is $20 cheaper from Amazon.  Does Walmart give you a price guarantee if I went back to the store and complained? I logged into my AMX account...
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    Cox Internet Service

    Wow...  How time flies.  I still hate Cox internet service but I accidentally figured out the problem I had back then when I had to move to cable modem to a different location.  The idiot people who came to the house said nothing was wrong with the cable.  (yeah right).  Luckily nothing else...
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    261 toll road

    The toll road agency needs to be sold and go out of business.  What a ridiculous concept.  I'm surprised environmentalists in California allow them to be built.  I've wasted so much gas and polluted the air with all of the idling at ridiculously long stop lights trying to avoid giving money to...
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    How come Woodbury East and Stonegate East aren't as desirable?

    It sounds too close too East L.A.
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    I noticed that about the District.  A case of Arrowhead water was $4.49 there and $4.35 at the one in Huntington Beach.  I don't care about paying more for gas to get there because gas is $3.30 vs $3.39; not to mention the lines are much shorter and people aren't as rude and pushy.  I can walk...
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    Why you shouldn't buy a home in Irvine

    I went to brunch at the one in Newport and it was the worst service anywhere. I like the food at (I think they're the same owners), but I've never had the al pastor tacos.  I usually get whatever the special is that day.
  18. locolocal

    Retail Openings and Closures

    That was one of the things I never understood about the LA riots.  Why did the looters go to K-town when they could have gone to Beverly Hills?
  19. locolocal

    Why you shouldn't buy a home in Irvine

    even In n Out?
  20. locolocal

    Retail Openings and Closures

    Stop complaining.  This is called progress.  It could be worse.  There could be some kind of workable public transportation system that would allow the riff-raff to traverse freely through your perfectly pristine planned community.