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    New communities in Portola Springs

    Thanks! To think that's the smallest plan with no bottom floor too. Impressive...
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    New communities in Portola Springs

    Oh yes, I suppose they are all in the same neighborhood. Seems like Sierra and Fiore still have some phases left and makes sense a lot of the area is still under construction. I was surprised about Lapis though. I remember checking them out this last December and I'm almost convinced they sold...
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    New communities in Portola Springs

    Does anyone know the pricing information for Lapis? Half the neighborhood is still under construction (seems foundation hasn't even been poured for some units), but their website shows that everything is completely sold out and they're down to a not-yet-released final phase, which consists of...
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    Olivewood at Portola Springs by New Home Co.

    Not at TGS but indeed a public deca-corn (and ex-FANG) as an IC. What I meant was that ~L6 roles at such companies still number in the hundreds or thousands and are not especially high in the reporting chain. We're not senior managers+ or principal engineer as one might otherwise assume...
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    Orchard Hills 4 - "The Summit" Updates

    Curious as to what the sizes were before?
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    New communities in Portola Springs

    I wonder what would IP even be selling anymore if not at Portola and Orchard Hills?
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    Hidden Canyon - Selling Strategy or Selling Mistake?

    Old villa constructed with questionable building codes in a tiny disheveled community >30 mins outside of Florence. Probably nice for a second vacation home, but primary residence? No thanks.