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    Auto loan refi rates lately

    Try DCU (digital credit union) 1.99% up to 65 months for purchase and Refi
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    Credit card annual fee credits

    Thanks for the tip! Called and received $250 statement credit as well! Other notable tip from rep: your $300 travel credit expanded as well to other categories: gas and grocery stores (not Costco/target but strictly grocery store). So it?ll be very easy to hit the $300 travel credit even if you...
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    What home alarm system do you have?

    Simplisafe user here, would recommend! $15.99/month for monitoring so much cheaper.  Wait for like a holiday sale, usually like 20-30% off all the equipment ...mine came with a free simplicam as well which is nice as well.  Paid less than $150 for like 3 sensors/2 motion/base station/key pad...
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    Recommendation for carpet repair

    Anyone have a good contact to help stretch carpet? Thanks!
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    Best Milk Tea in Irvine?

    I call myself quite a boba pro hahaha You want to avoid places like Lollicup since I think they use more powder mixes.  I prefer places that use real brown sugar like Meet Fresh (current favorite in OC).. sunright isn't too bad...85 degree is not bad..the alley at the spectrum is decent too...
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    Home office

    Yo eyephone, I personally got the purple seat cushion (royal) and it's been great since WFH.  It's a bit pricey but i couldn't imagine working 8 hours + gaming a few hours after without it.  Haven't tried that amazon one yet but reviews look decent
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    Interest rates on investment properties

    Not a rate question but I wanted to have a discussion regarding California/evictions. It seems more and more likely that the government will be trying to avoid an ?eviction tsunami?. I?ve heard bills that may allow renters a year to pay back at least half owed but allow them to stay in...
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    Interest rates on investment properties

    Thanks everyone for the advice, will call penfed tomorrow.  I'm very happy with the 3.25% and won't be refi anytime soon.  most of those no cost refi's are only for primary anyways so I'm out of the refi market for a while. 
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    Interest rates on investment properties

    I just closed 2 weeks ago,went from 4.25 to 3.25% on an investment property, but I had to pay closing costs ($3k ish) 60% LTV on a different note, anyone have any lendors that can do heloc on investment? big banks etc
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    New Listing - Santa Rosa Plan 3 condo @ Stonegate East (128 Coralwood)

    That's fast for an offer!  Good luck Martin!
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    How low can we go? 30 yr fixed at 3.75% with no fees...

    I did my refi doc signing in person as well with a notary Met them at the chick fila in woodbury town center, wasn't too bad
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    Johns Creek Homes and Real Estate

    Agreed.. the "general real estate and mortgage" forum should be general real estate/market info right?  Probably not used to sell Georgia homes where this guy gets a commission.. or do people want this info and plan to move to Georgia from these posts?  :-\    I know Panda is pretty active...
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    Trumps executive orders

    ya I don't really get it.. so if you qualify, you can essentially go exempt the rest of the year?  but you may have to pay it all back for taxes next year? seems pointless?  wonder if bonus counts against that pay period or just salary?
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    What car wash products do you use?

    That 3100 psi might be too high for a car wash. Mine for reference is only 1600-1700
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    What car wash products do you use?

    I used to go for the ONR route.. my new route? -Greenworks pressure washer around 1600 PSI (around $80 ish) came with a foam canon attachment -Meguiars gold class car soap .. find one without wax, lots of good brands around 6-7 pm when the sun is setting, pressure wash the car down with water...
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    Tesla Model Y

    I've been working at home.  I charge once a week to 80% that's it.. super easy during non -peak hours I've added maybe $20/month to my electricity bill that's it I'm not sure about the whole prolonging the battery but who cares.. will be looking for the newest tech in 7-8 years anyways whether...
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    Tesla Model Y

    Once u tint the roof/windshield the wh/drops significantly. My ac is usually at 1 all day now. Used to be around 330, now down to 280 or less with very brisk driving
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    Tesla Model Y

    just find an electrician to install a nema 14/50 probably around $400 ish, i get around 30 miles/'s perfect .. no need for the actual charger
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    Tesla Model Y

    model 3's held like 80% of its value.. may be worth to take a look.. I've sat in many 3's before and i have the y now.. i would say the larger cargo space as well as more comfortable rear seat experience would be the reason to upgrade.  As a taller guy, i would feel my knees would be near my...
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    Tesla Model Y

    same thought process for me too Love the performance Y.. might swap into the CT when it comes out seconded on carvana, wife got out of a bmw lease as well from the buyout if you have a Y, highly recommend tinting the roof with a ceramic tint, I used llumar irx comparing it to my old f80 M3, it...