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    up and out
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    Long Beach general thread

    My favorite thread...Good bye!!!
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    Good Bye Zovall and Irvinerenter

    I agree, Thanks for all the feedback, knowlege and laughs. Bye-bye, and best of luck!!
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    Oh yah I did!!
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    Anyone been watching the Towering Inferno at Marquee Place?

    I started this thread and I would like to end it. KABOOOOOOOMMMMM!!!!!
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    Natural Gas ETF

    That is a new low. be careful
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    Celebrities in forclosure

    Ooops, they did it again. <a href="">another-extreme-makeover-home-edition-family-facing-foreclosure</a>
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    Celebrities in forclosure

    Kindda a least for us biz-heads <a href=" ">Halsey Minor</a>
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    Dubai going down in flames

    I agree, this is a high profile suicide. Hopefully it is a leason learned but that is about all.
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    Celebrities in forclosure

    Latrell losses ANOTHER house <a href="">HARRISON ? Former New York Knicks star Latrell Sprewell may lose his Purchase mansion to foreclosure after failing to make mortgage payments, according to court filings.</a>
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    Celebrities in forclosure

    Christina Ricci...Not in foreclosure (yet) but still a big, fat loss. <a href="">Wednsday's house</a> Nov 24, 2009 Listed <span style="color: red;"><strong>$1,250,000 </strong></span>-- TheMLS #09-413251 Dec...
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    Real Housewives of OC update

    Well, after watching 3 episodes it is amazing that a show about millionaire OC housewives only has one (maybe Viki) who has any kind of net worth left. Now, instead of watching, and supposedly envying, a bunch of rich, savvy, kept women spend freely and easily, we are watching the financial ruin...
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    Safety of ETFs

    Good guidline article <a href="">3 Factors to Consider Before Buying Leveraged and Short ETFs</a>
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    I watched it so you don't have to tear you eyes out..."Million Dollar Listing"

    That was too funny when Josh's client pulled up to his house in the Lambo and couldn't get it up the driveway so they just left. That was a hilarious scene which left Josh saying "What just happened?"