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    Best Milk Tea in Irvine?

    With the amount of customers blindly hitting the tip button of 15-22%, the workers there must make $50-60/hr!!
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    New communities in Portola Springs

    Your situation is more of a corner case. It's highly uncommon for someone to be a "move-up" buyer within 2 years of purchasing a property. Congrats to you BTW.
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    New communities in Portola Springs

    I don't think there is any concern these days for move-up buyers. The DOM reflects this and typically a "move-up" buyer will have a property that has a larger buyer audience.
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    Frank's BBQ & Chinese Cuisine (Lake Forest)

    Tried the 3 delicacy combo and the meats were all decent (honey pork, soy chicken, bbq duck). What I didn't like was paying Vegas pricing for a place that's in a crappy strip mall in LF. DFC (Delicious Food Corner) in Irvine is actually CHEAPER and I would argue better tasting. And DFC...
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    Toyota moving to Texas

    TX has no state income tax and CA has the highest income tax in the nation. For sales tax, Texas has sales tax rates between 6.25 and 8.25 while CA has rates of 7.25 and 10.25. I guess the article is saying very low income people who own houses will pay more property tax in TX vs. CA (high 2s...
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    Olivewood at Portola Springs by New Home Co.

    Unfortunately, I think it's more like 45-50%. 35% federal, 9.3% CA, CA SDI, 6.2% FICA, 1.45% Medicare.
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    Olivewood at Portola Springs by New Home Co.

    $600k/year for a couple is not unusual in Irvine. Engineers, Physicians, Attorneys, etc. (late 30s, early 40s age) will easily get there. $600k as a single earner is much more rare....
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    October 2023 Irvine Housing Market Update

    I haven't seen any movement on this proposal which was introduced more than a year ago. I'm not even sure it's worth discussing as it's so early on in the legislative process..
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    Too Good To Go?

    Yup.. really friendly cashier too.
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    Too Good To Go?

    Just picked up donuts and cashier mentioned they were made in the morning (tasted as expected). Great deal as I normally pick up donuts late morning anyway. Cheaper than the price I pay for 4 donuts.
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    Too Good To Go?

    Wouldn't the donuts be same day donuts? Pick-up time is 11AM so I'm assuming it's not from the day before.
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    Car Garage - Torsion Spring

    Most stores won't even let you purchase the spring without a license. My dad found a shady place and drove to Riverside to pick one up.
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    Mobile Detailing / Car Wash

    Wow, what a reasonable price. It's amazing the difference in pricing between all these mobile car wash companies.
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    Retail Openings and Closures

    Fish District in Woodbury is closing at the end of the month.
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    Any restaurant recommendations for Seattle?

    Shiro's and Thai Ginger were my goto places when I visited.
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    Poll: Irvine Housing Prediction June 2022

    Irvine, CA , SFR+Condo Avg. May 2020 - $870k May 2023 - $1.36M
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    Debt Ceiling and 1031's

    Would it though? A person doing a 1031 usually purchases more properties when they do the exchange. Ie. Sell 1 property with a large gain and purchase multiple replacements. If everyone rushed to the exits, this would lead to a surge in prices for replacement properties..
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    Debt Ceiling and 1031's

    There is also depreciation recapture that needs to be factored in.
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    Retail Openings and Closures

    Modo was $2.25 and made the donuts fresh when you ordered and couldn't survive. Mochill is $3 for a donut that has been sitting there for hours. Can't imagine this place being open too long..
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    New Listing - Single Story Turtle Rock Detached Home (19412 Sierra Luna Rd)

    Awesome story and what a great set of circumstances. Congrats to all parties involved.