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    Laminate Flooring Installation Cost?

    I got a good deal at Costco for some nice looking laminate flooring + integrated pad. I was wondering if anyone had an idea what it might cost for me to get it installed? I could probably remove the carpet and the tack strips myself. Two downstairs rooms, about 500 sqft total.
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    Contractor Recommendations

    Well shut my mouth, I am also looking for the same!
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    JW (Soylent) does it again

    I can't say enough about his expertise, professionalism, and personability. He was always there with me to weigh my options on the right time to refi. Once it was time, he was there with me all the way. Saved nearly $400 per month and I only moved up to this place in 2019. Timing proved to be...
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    How low can we go? 30 yr fixed at 3.75% with no fees...

    Yes they went from No Fuss, No Muss ($6950 upfront) back to No Closing Cost. Might give it a go now.
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    How low can we go? 30 yr fixed at 3.75% with no fees...

    I believe the actual interest rate is less than 2.474 in that case, but the cost brings the APR to that level.
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    How low can we go? 30 yr fixed at 3.75% with no fees...

    I think it might as mine was 2.5% (<765k) but apr around 2.6%
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    How low can we go? 30 yr fixed at 3.75% with no fees...

    Answer: All points. Asked if there is a no cost option, answer is no.
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    How low can we go? 30 yr fixed at 3.75% with no fees...

    No Muss, No Fuss = $6950 cost according to what I was just told.
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    Thank you Scott Gunther (IrvineRealtor)

    Existing single story pool home. I looked at new (Baker Ranch) and realized what I could get at the same payment over here. Older home but with the updates it has I will not need to do anything for quite some time...only vanity projects down the road. Plus the neighbors have just poured over...
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    Thank you Scott Gunther (IrvineRealtor)

    So I just bought a home in Mission Viejo and Scott (IR2) helped me greatly in doing so. From start to finish he was consistently in contact. Worked w/ the other side to get every concession we could. Used his experience and expertise to help me make decisions confidently. He himself said it was...
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    Varenna by Tri Pointe Homes at Orchard Hills

    I actually really like Plan 2. These lots are tiny, yes. However, instead of having a 10' backyard across the entire property, it looks like even the smallest Plan 2 lots will have a 35'x25' outdoor space including the CA room. Similar square footage, but it's so much better than the long and...
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    Encanto by Meritage Homes, Lake Forest

    Hopefully NOT in their new Orange tracksuit.
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    Encanto by Meritage Homes, Lake Forest

    The weird thing here is that the smallest Plan 1 is the only one with any kind of a driveway (one space, 18' long per plan). The larger plans have zero. As usual with these Cheap one time developments they have failed miserably on a livable parking situation. Required spaces per City, 160...
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    Trellis Court at Cypress Village East

    Wait so are these supposed to be having driveways in the rear? From the specs it looks like 12' 6" from the garage to the edge. Seems like a waste of that space if you cannot park on it.
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    2,000 sf at $600k

    Projected mello/hoa? Option for 4th bed on Plan 1?
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    Opus at Beacon Park

    Oh I agree completely that the rooftop deck is better privacy. I would just prefer not to waste the space above the garage, especially with a flat roof. And privacy might be more in short supply looking at some of your neighbors' first floor patios...  just why not?
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    Opus at Beacon Park

    IHS: I really do like the idea of the rooftop deck! The only problem I have with that picture is 1) that is Plan 3 and the concrete flat roof below is the garage roof. Why build it like that unless it's a 2nd uncovered deck off the Master? Doesn't look to be an option on the site. the rooftop on...
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    Hidden Canyon in Irvine

    Thanks, just so happened to stop by again?
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    Shouldn't the Tustin Legacy topics be in the OC forum rather than Irvine?

    It's in the Irvine section because whoever posts it there wants to mislead people into thinking it is there. Just like Caitlin (Jenner?) or whoever moved into Hidden Canyon, or didn't. This board has been taken over by shills. There were always some, but now it's ridiculous. I was told over 5...