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    Good Bye Zovall and Irvinerenter

    Thank you from me too. And off I go quietly into that good night ... FADE TO BLACK
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    Casa California Showcase House In Shady Canyon - Tours Run Until Nov. 8

    Better photos here <A href=""></A>
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    Garden Grove: $100,000 in donated toys and food for underprivileged stolen

    <A href=""></A>
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    Wall St. Finds Profits by Reducing Mortgages

    Mortgage giants quietly shop $250 billion in bad loans <A href=""></A>
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    Home Price Bounce Falters at the High End

    Interesting chart <A href=""></A>
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    Irvine Unemployment Rate is 3.9%, while the rest of the country has a 10.3% unemployment rate? Is this information correct? Graphix anyone?

    As US rate up from 8.5%, make a guess. <A href=""></A> City Overview As of 2009, Irvine's population is 201,160 people. Since 2000, it has had a population growth of 35.57...
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    Falling rents aid homeowners in mortgage trouble

    Falling rents aid homeowners in mortgage trouble Southern Californians facing the loss of their homes are finding refuge in rentals. At larger apartment complexes, monthly rents have declined an average of 4.9% in the last year. <A...
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    Person Search / Missing Person

    Does he have a Facebook page? Try just Googling his name as well.
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    Lifestyle of an Orange County Millionaire

    Here is article with the lifestyle of an actual OC millionare <A href=""></A>
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    Newsarticle about a guy in Nevada can finally affford a house, move out of a schoolbus

    ?Recession gave me a new opportunity? <A href=""></A>
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    OC Register: Housing threat looms in South County

    <A href=""></A>
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    <A href="">Cannibals nabbed selling Human Meat to Kebab House</A>
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    Harvard Poker Pro Says Texas Hold ?Em Can Teach Traders to Fold

    The World Series of Poker (WSOP) Investment Banker ? Steven Begleiter <A...
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    Wall St. Finds Profits by Reducing Mortgages

    <A href=""></A>
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    The Talented Mr. Pang

    <A href=""></A>
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    Here?s what $1 million will buy you in Irvine

    <A href=""></A>
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    If you have a clever dog, and wooden floors, ice maker in door not so great ... <A href="">You Tube: Dog Getting Ice Cube from Refrigerator Ice maker</a>
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    Fatty Liver

    An easy way to start is to just keep eating the same meals you usually do, but halve the meat and double the vegetables (ex. cook half the amount of meat, and two kinds of veggies instead of one to make it more appealing).