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    Looking for electrician + stringlights referral

    Hi, anybody know any good electricians that can also put up stringlights?
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    Security system for OH reserve resident

    Hi, I'm moving to OH reserve early next year.  Trying to decide from the following 1) Ring, simplisafe, some other DIY system 2) Arlo cameras 3) Hard wired system from a local company 4) Gated community dummy don't need any of this stuff Thoughts and referrals appreciated
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    IP new build delayed one month

    Hi, If my new build home gets delayed one month, am I supposed to ask for something from the builder?  Free rent?  Its Irvine Pacific.  Signed date was Dec 22, just got notified its pushed back to Jan 25.
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    OH Reserve Como

    I put my name down on the priority list and got in the next release.  This was 3-4 phases ago though.  Demand seems high right now, but when I got the call they changed their system from releasing 5-6 homes once a month to 3 homes twice a month.  I called them the day they released the first...