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    Economic Commentary

  2. awgee_IHB

    Economic Commentary

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    Economic Commentary

    Under Obama, the number of food stamp recipients has climbed by about 10 million over the past two years, resulting in a program that now feeds 1 in 8 Americans and nearly 1 in 4 children. <a href="">Obama's...
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    Bragging rights before we go: Current Rank Previous day?s rank Account Value (USD) 1. awgee (history) 1 $182,594.71 2. graphrix2 (hist 2 $112,252.21 3. ukyo116 (histor 4 $111,850.68 4. GreatExpectations 3...
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    The Big Goodbye thread

    Hey Sarge, s'up?
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    The Big Goodbye thread

    Love you all. Yeah, even you No_V.
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    Dubai going down in flames

    I do not know squat about Dubai, the UAE, or even the mideast, but the more I read and hear about Dubai's default, the more I wonder if it is much ado about not too much. The UAE uses a fiat currency. They will print their way out; quantitative easing.
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    Federal Reserve Action

    James Sinclair on secret bank loans: <em>"When rule makers become rule breakers, claiming impunity as the ends justified the means, the rule of law no longer exists. The society is Totalitarian in the guise of Democracy."</em>
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    Black Friday Deals

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    Irvine Homes blogger buys a home

    Bk - In your opinion, do Asians find a planned community more attractive than some other cultural groups? Are there aspects of Irvine that Asians find attractive besides the schools? Others - Please do not start a "you're a racist" bash. Bk has been studying demographic trends for...
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    Black Friday Deals

    Went to the Target in RSM at 3:30 pm to get some batteries. No line.