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    Irvine Crime Wave

    Why was the UCI student taken to Orange County Global Medical Center in Santa Ana ? Is there any hospital more close by?
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    Asian begging

    I saw a young Asian woman stood on the crossaction near the irvine Mitsuwa and Dennys with an cardboard writing 'My husband laidoff ..need help' something like that this afternoon. It was kind of suprise to see that in Irvine. :o
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    Listing house

    Does the selling agent get commission even the house falls out of escrow?
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    Common Core Standards

    Do all the teaching, quiz, and homeworks are done on computer and internet after adopting common core?
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    Pediatric Dentist

    Just want to share different opinion regarding to Dr. Lee. We've seen him once a few years ago. Feel very unexperienced with kids. Never go back.
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    Both are comparable for me. Pieology dough seems thinner and cheese not as yummy as Blaze. But you can't beat the BYO. The cinnamon sugar tastes like in heaven when just out of oven.
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    San Mateo Phase 2++ @ Stonegate

    I don't get why buyer should take this for granted? Things can be done cleanly. Trash can be removed. Workers can go to designated place for their thing. Does WL also trash buyers garage?
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    San Mateo Phase 2++ @ Stonegate

    I saw similar things in those +1m LA home. Food trash and flies spread in every buyer's garage. Not hard to imagine how they treat/construct those homes. It really sucks.
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    What is being developed across from Cypress Village/ adjacent to WBE?

    "Irvine Co. is exploring various options for the site ".......  housing ???
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    14 y.o. Irvine Boy Commits Suicide. Body Found Behind Apartments.

    It becomes an even sadder tragedy:
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    3-Car Garage Homes

    ps or iho, I never live in a place with second floor hardwood floor. Mind to share any concern with this?
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    Spanish class for kiddies

    Thank you C.Z. and IHS. I saw the city Spanish for preschooler. I was not impressed. Kids and parents both look bored. The time doesn't work for working parents either. Wish something like what the little dynasty do for chinese.
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    Spanish class for kiddies

    Hi, I would love to hear any recommendations for preschooler Spanish.  Thanks
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    LePort Montossori at the Lake in Irvine

    How to define "smart" for a 4yr old?
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    Lambert Ranch in Irvine

    Las Colinas are offering 4% broker co-op with upgrades and incentives for similar product.
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    Genghis Khan: Mongolian BBQ - Lake Forest

    Sadly, the long established Ebisu grocery and the pasta house in the same plaza shut down their doors.
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    Builder's warranty

    Several builders went bankrupted in the past years, say Lennar and ex-iPac (previously CalPac?). Do owners lost their warranty of the home?  Does that mean if you buy a new home from NHC or iPac, you take the risk of this?
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    [IHB] Closed Sales from 3/23/2012 to 3/29/2012

    It was on the market at least from 2010 or 2009. As previous post, this home was dumped by the previous owner. He might have lived there ? years for free.