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  1. DBtoOC

    APAAS - worth it?

    Kill me now if I'm responding to APAAS posts on TI in 6 years!
  2. DBtoOC

    APAAS - worth it?

    Yes - She loves the program. I think the main benefit comes from really good teachers and being immersed with a class full of ultra-motivated and hard-working students.
  3. DBtoOC

    Closing costs questions

    I'm closing on a new construction home in August.  I'm choosing to impound my taxes & insurance with my lender and the Closing Disclosure is showing the following:  Property Taxes of $1,250/month for 8 months.  Is this normal?  Why am I paying property taxes for 8 months into my escrow balance...
  4. DBtoOC

    Laker games possible without Cox/ATT?

    quick question on Google Fiber - Does anybody know if there's a streaming tv service that will show Lakers games?  Or are we out of luck with that? I think only Cox and AT&T Uverse have Spectrum SportsNet.
  5. DBtoOC

    Retail Openings and Closures

    looks like the old Carl's Jr on Sand Canyon/Irvine Center Drive is going to be a Chipotle.
  6. DBtoOC

    Pricing on Highland at Portola Springs

    The priority list is such a shady thing. 
  7. DBtoOC

    Fresco @ Eastwood Village

    I also would choose the Portola Springs neighborhood over Eastwood.  Aside from the other issues mentioned earlier, Eastwood just feels too 'cookie-cutter' doesn't feel special.  But to each their own.
  8. DBtoOC

    New Listing - Santa Ana 2 unit - 1702 East Fairhaven, Santa Ana 92705 least it's listed below the Redfin value by almost 20%!
  9. DBtoOC

    Ford F-150 Lightning Electric Truck

    Yeah, I've noticed several Rivians driven around the past few days near the headquarters.  Looks interesting.  Also, not much to add...but they look pretty good.  Just going to be a slow hill to climb to convince hardcore truck people to switch from their F-150s and Silverados to go with a Rivian.
  10. DBtoOC

    Where the market is - Buyer Offers

    Good time for move-up buyers!
  11. DBtoOC

    What is the listing fee when selling?

    Why so negative on all your posts?  Smile and think positive thoughts sometimes! 
  12. DBtoOC

    How to avoid being carpet bombed by phone calls about refi offers.

    About once/week, I get a "I have a buyer for your home" text message for (1) my investment property, (2) my SISTER's investment property, and (3) a random LA property that I have no affilitation with.  Getting really annoying. 
  13. DBtoOC

    Sleep consultant recommendations

    Had Phish Food for the first time last night....that's good stuff.  Tried Netflix n Chill last week.  Thumbs up!
  14. DBtoOC

    Looking for advice to find a good realtor

    You lost me at "He wasn't representing us".  Maybe your agent dropped the ball and put the blame on the convenient "I was ghosted" excuse.  Is that possible?
  15. DBtoOC

    Stock picks

    Apparently several other stocks are on the short squeeze now.  If hedge funds stop their short-selling practice, that might add to the current stock bubble across the market.  This is nuts.
  16. DBtoOC

    Stock picks

    Can someone please explain the madness surrounding GME speculation?  I'm not sure what subReddit has done here, but they just manipulated the market big time over the past few days.  Now, billionaire investors are getting skin in the game and benefiting from this ridiculousness!  SMH.
  17. DBtoOC

    Amazon Fresh grocery store opens at Irvine Market Place

    so shorter people might be at greater risk than taller people?
  18. DBtoOC

    Estimated backyard/front yard costs for New Contstruction

    I'm trying to budget out my costs to get into a new construction home with about 5,000 sq ft lot size.  Anybody know what kind of range I should expect to pay for hardscaping and landscaping for backyard/sideyard and front entryway? I'm not looking to get cheap...put some travertine tiling and...
  19. DBtoOC


    no more onions or relish for your hot dogs anymore either.  Plus, if you want mustard or ketchup, it comes in a little plastic sauce container, not in a packet that you can even spread out onto your hot dog.
  20. DBtoOC

    New Development: PS-5

    what's the typical fire/property insurance for the homes in PS-5?  Has anyone answered that question here?