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    The grass

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    Time Warner Friends and Family Newstand Subscription Discount Not a ton of mags here, but Sports Ill., Time, People for great discounts! I ordered People for $53 for a year. Yes, I have ordered from them before and not had any problems. Must order before Dec. 11th.
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    Need recommendation for Opthamologist

    Since we had to switch ins. plans, I can no longer see my absolutely wonderful Opthamologist as she is not under my husband's ins. plan - Spectera. Does anyone have one they can recommend? Thanks!
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    Got laid off....

    Sorry to hear that No Vas. I was working for a Civil Engineering firm in a purchasing capacity before I got laid off in July. Hope she finds something soon.
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    Farrell?s Ice Cream Parlour - The Zoo returns

    Wow, we stopped by on Sat. night to show the kids what it was. There was a 4 HOUR WAIT! A man with a pager said he had been there for 3 hours already. We had better things to do, so we left. Unfortunately, they aren't setup to host parties yet and the website said they wouldn't be until March...
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    Halloween in the hood.

    Very few ToTers in Oak Creek. We went over to our old haunt in Woodbridge - ToTers everywhere! But then it is the Boothill neighborhood, so it's always crowded there.
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    H1N1 vaccine

    My daughter and I got the flu last Thursday. Not sure which one, but from what I have read, it sure seems like it was H1N1. We are both over it now. Amazingly my son, known as Mr. Immunity did not get it. That kid didn't miss a day of school last year. He never gets sick - not even a cold in years.
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    Lowes Kids Clinics

    I don't know if anyone else does these, but my son loves them. Sign up ahead as they do get crowded. <a href="">Lowes Clinic</a> They get an apron that they get to put a patch on every time they attend a clinic.
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    Thrift Stores

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    The Hallo-Wiener by Dav Pilkey (Great book to pick up for Halloween)

    We just love this book! Also check out Kat Kong, DogZilla and Dog Breath by Dav Pilkey.
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    Thrift Stores

    Wow nice finds! I never get that lucky at Goodwill. However, when I used to work close to Lake Forest, I would visit Children's Orchard on my lunch break pretty often and found some great deals there. Also, one of the few things I miss about Texas is The Half Price Bookstore. I absolutely...
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    Build A Bear $5 off $10 Bear or 20% off $10 or more - may be able to combine them

    Printable coupons for Build a Bear: <a href="">Build A Bear $5</a> <a href="">Build A Bear 20% off</a>...
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    Dining Deals

  14. springmom_IHB

    Dining Deals

    Jamba Juice - Get Your Feel Good Buck It's worth at least a $1 off anything at Jamba Juice. <a href="">Jamba Juice</a>
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    AP IMPACT: School drinking water contains toxins

    <a href="">School Drinking Water Contaminated</a> CUTLER, Calif. ? Over the last decade, the drinking water at thousands of schools across the country has been found to contain unsafe levels of lead, pesticides and...
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    Unique and Interesting Websites

    I still love People of Walmart for a good laugh! <a href="">People of Walmart</a>
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    Robbery in Irvine

    Yikes! How scary. We go to the yogurt place next to CAS all the time.