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  1. SoOCOwner_IHB

    The Hidden Homeless

    I happened to catch this last night on So Cal Connected. It's about middle class people who ended up homeless. <a href="">Hidden Homeless</a> The first couple's problems were a typical case of...
  2. SoOCOwner_IHB

    What is wrong with this house?

    Thank you IR2, that counts me out!
  3. SoOCOwner_IHB

    What is wrong with this house?

    Do any of you IHB realtors have any insight on what might be wrong with this property? Maybe there is something in the Realtor's notes that would indicate that it has major problems. <a href="">Barrett House</a> It...
  4. SoOCOwner_IHB

    A gripe about defaulted homedebtors.

    SGIP, can anonymously turn this person in to the IRS?
  5. SoOCOwner_IHB

    Adopted Children - Tell them or not?

    Of course you tell them. They WILL find out eventually and resent the fact that you never told them. This is not something you can hide in this day and age. Although in my case it was obvious due to differing physical characteristics, I was told from an early age and it was no big deal at...
  6. SoOCOwner_IHB

    Real Housewives of OC update

    ^ Sorry, couldn't resist . . . <img src="" alt="" />
  7. SoOCOwner_IHB

    Shrink to Survive? Rust Belt City Downsizes

    What a sad video. It took only 20 minutes to destroy someone's former family home with a lifetime of memories.
  8. SoOCOwner_IHB

    Have you read any good books lately?

    <a href="">'The Help' by KathrynStockett</a>. Great book about black/white relations in Mississippi in the 60's. Black women were asked to cook, clean and raise the babies of their white employers, but still considered them "unclean" and...
  9. SoOCOwner_IHB

    What are your thoughts on my neighbor?

    Get one of those hose connections that requires a "key" to turn it on. We have one at our cabin.
  10. SoOCOwner_IHB

    Interesting/Amusing Property Finds

    ^ That thing is hideous.