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    New communities in Portola Springs

    What is current price point for Bluffs and Highland? They started from ~1.2M range i think
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    New communities in Portola Springs

    That area is ready to go. Roads are being built but no signs of model home construction as yet. I guess these would be larger homes.
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    OC Register reported home prices finally drop - first dip in 7 months
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    HELOC Options

    What if you have the HELOC but dont use it? Does it take same amount of time and hassle to refi?
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    Mentor: OC Real Estate Investing Group

    There are so many real estate gurus online trying to sell their courses on the real estate, i am not sure how legit they are. I am trying to learn real estate investing myself, and wondering if there are folks in this group who could help beginners like me and many others, who are looking to...
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    Tesla Model Y: Selling

    Why would someone pay 25% more for a used car lols.
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    Tesla Model Y: Selling

    No i havent got the quotes yet, but will do for sure.
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    Tesla Model Y: Selling

    I am going to sell Model Y in next 2-3 weeks. I am waiting for Model S to be delivered, current estimate is 2-3 weeks. If anyone is interested please PM me. Model Y long range, mid night silver. This is only a month old, with approx. 1300 miles on it.
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    Pricing on Highland at Portola Springs

    Their location is very good. There are going to be more homes in that area.
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    Property Record: Commercial

    Thanks. Yes you are right. Wondering is that information kept at county and tax record levels? Like how big the building is, and who owns it etc?
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    Property Record: Commercial

    Yes they have it. Buts its paid and expensive. Wondering where they get that data from
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    Property Record: Commercial

    I am wondering if you want to find record of new commercial buildings and their ownership,, what would be the best source of that information. Is that information publicly available in tax records? I am interested to find. New commercial buildings being built Ownership info and tenants...
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    3 New California Pacific Communities in Portola Springs Late 2021

    Is there any gated community coming in this area or larger homes 5 beds+
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    First Time Second Home Buyer - Advice

    Please share your experience, would love to learn. At what price point are you looking to buy?
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    3 New California Pacific Communities in Portola Springs Late 2021

    Wondering are these going to be at location, which is above Altair and behind Bluffs. Nice views.
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    Potential Buyers : Agents and Buyers Connection

    With all due respect, i am wondering how real estate agents find new clients. I am not an agent and have no plans to become one. I have been approached by several agents, through the random unsolicited flyers at home, emails, calls etc. Whats broken in this process? Other than referrals whats...
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    How to know where value lies today

    @USC would you please give this more color based on your superior knowledge of real estate and finance. When inflation is high, how will that impact the real estate.
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    Let's invent a new commission structure

    There are few agents who do a lot of work to attract potential buyers. Not all home locations are desirable either, hence required some effort from the agent. Again, when i search homes, i dont need help from any agent. I can check online and define my own search criteria on Redfin, Zillow etc.
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    Irvine Residents Raise Alarm Over Dangerous Emissions In Million Dollar Neighbor

    Ouch! Jillian Dale, a five-year resident of Irvine who lives less than a 10-minute drive away from the factory, says the factory has been a constant presence the entire time she?s lived in the city.  ?Whenever we left the windows open?it smelled so bad, like something was burning,? Dale said...