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  1. Hormiguero_IHB

    9.25% Sales Tax in O.C.

    Ever hear a cop, teacher, college admin, guard or nurse complain about their pay relative to 'the private sector'? Well, now they'll be the only ones left in California with a job. Congratulations! Thanks, Sacto, heckuvajob.
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    Stock Market Day-Trading Discussion Thread

    wow, the bears got taken to the woodshed today. check out FAZ... 105 to 40 in less than twenty trading hours! to rock around that's right on time it's tricky...
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    pre-senility greenspan in a 1960s Randian compilation
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    Top 10 List

    I think SF will be the only CA city w/ population > 150K with > $250/sqft once Irvine officially falls under that mark.
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    Has anyone else found it effective to use a real estate agent to find a rental?

    This really depends on the market. NYC - unfortunately essential, west LA - need to use 'westside rentals' usually, coastal OC, they help - most other places, not necessary in the craigslist era in my experience.
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    A special presentation: 2008 California wrap-up

    <a href="">a rough 2008 for the golden state </a> Well, it isn't any big secret that CA housing got utterly crushed in price this year. I've never been a fan of folks who rubberneck nasty freeway wrecks - I usually give...
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    544 chapter 2 'capital assets' and code sec 408(m)(3)(b) (IRAs) seem pretty straightforward. I'm NOT a professional, this is NOT professional advice NOR a recommendation of any kind of action. posting about things like law, tax, medicine, etc, without backing it up is more than a...
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    LA times big so cal December #s

    <a href="">Here's the big Kahuna, LA, OC, Riv, SB, Ven, Santa Barbara </a> Quite the train wreck, though the total lack of volume on the high end says as much as the disastrous SFR -40% y-o-y medians
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    OC december #s out

    <a href="">Looks like the median slipped under 400K</a> condos @ 270K. ouch.
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    10 worst Real Estate Markets in the U.S.

    Municipalities will be to 2009 what banks were to 2008.
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    junk bonds

    looks like santa brought the rally I was waiting for on this one! hopefully, at least one small investor out there caught a little of the action. merry xmas to all.
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    15 yr loan or 30 yr loan?

    15s are a good option if you really want to stack up the equity and work towards a better profile for retirement (and/or more equity to 'move up') such that the higher payments help keep you disciplined and on that path. Of course, sacrificing for what may be imaginary home equity isn't the...
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    Prediction on housing prices in non bubble areas.

    I think southwest towns with $/sq/ft under 100 like OK city, Dallas, Salt Lake will possibly outperform. portland, austin and colorado springs are probably still a little overpriced.
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    Latest Irvine Census figures

    I really don't think a snapshot of an economy before a freefall tells you too much about the present. This is particularly suspect: $500,000 to $999,999 24,889 + /-1,032 65.90% +/-1.8 $1,000,000 or more 6,239 + /-460 16.50% +/-1.2 Yup, looks like...
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    <a href="">not going by this</a>
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    Overpriced puts are a hard way to play shorts in this market. Too much doom and gloom is priced in.