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    One in four borrowers is underwater. The proportion of U.S. homeowners who owe more on their mortgages than the properties are worth has swelled to about 23%, threatening prospects for a sustained housing recovery. Nearly 10.7 million households had negative equity in...
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    Interesting Scenario

    unfortunately renbac your story is very common. when i have a short sale listing i only submit one offer to the bank and then keep one additional offer for back up if the fist buyer falls through. when other agents ask to submit an offer or do submit an offer i call them and explain i am not...
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    Fannie Mae Announces Deed for Lease? Program

    and remember this is only for FANNIE MAE loans which are only of conforming ($417,000 max) size. correct?
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    Fannie Mae Announces Deed for Lease? Program November 5, 2009 Fannie Mae Announces Deed for Lease? Program WASHINGTON, DC -- Fannie Mae (FNM/NYSE) is implementing the Deed for Lease? Program under which qualifying homeowners...
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    Short Sale Specialist

    ^ it sounds to me that the listing agent and the "specialist" really are not on the ball. verbally approved is not approved and it should not be advertised as such. i wish there were some sort of rule or checks and balance as to what can be written on the MLS regarding the status of a...
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    Short Sale Specialist

    To anyone who has attempted the short sale process themselves, they know it?s tedious, frustrating, complex and sometimes, a complete misallocation of precious time. For the novice, this is all too well understood. In essence, the short sale is a re-underwriting of the loan though for the...
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    Short Sale Specialist

    The term "Short Sale Specialist" is starting to become the new "Loan Mod". Unfortunately the ex-loan modders are jumping into the short sale pool and muddying up my waters. I am a listing agent and I specializes in short sales and I will be the first to admit that it is a very scary...
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    Stealing from Seniors and CPI Lies <em>India has bought 200 tons of gold from the International Monetary Fund at $1,045 an ounce, which is close to a recent record high of $1,070. The entire transaction is worth almost $7 billion...
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    Stealing from Seniors and CPI Lies

    i really hope Ron Paul runs again in 2012. i for one dont need nor do i want our current kind of "change"
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    How old were you when you had your first job?

    i had a paper route at age 13 and then at age 14-15 i worked for Domino's Pizza. at age 16 mom and dad told me that if i wanted to drive i need to pay for my own car insurance so i kept working and have been ever since. it definitely taught me a good work ethic, however my school...
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    Stealing from Seniors and CPI Lies

    OP can you please quote the source?