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    [IHB] Portola Springs: Indigo Neighborhood Review

    Indigo's plan 3x base price is less than Caserta at $709,000.  Caserta is something like $725,000

    Chemical Plant next to 85C Diamond Jamboree

    I'm surprised there aren't more 'Chicken Littles' freaking out here on TI.  I'll check back in a day or two.  lol

    [IHB] Portola Springs: Indigo Neighborhood Review

    I'm showing AD at $450 less than $2,050, and is now $1,600.  MR total $3,300/yr

    Retail Space coming to Portola Springs?

    I don't think you even know if you are right or not, unless you are going to fund it, Mr. Troll.  But I doubt it since you are apparently afraid of cemeteries or else you wouldn't have mentioned it to begin with.

    Retail Space coming to Portola Springs?

    ^Typical TI Troll

    Retail Space coming to Portola Springs?

    Yes, I am curious about a shopping center near PS3 as well.  Anyone? With all the 'insider' information being leaked on TI, someone has to have some intel, right?

    Soil and groundwater contamination in PS3 ?

    Sounds like you're acting as you should...concerned!  If you are going to dig a well and drink the groundwater, don't buy.  But then again, I would say the same thing to anyone buying a home near a gas station. If the Irvine Co. and Orange County say the issue has been corrected and turns out...

    Testing at Portola High School

    I agree w/ Jmoney; if there is a story here, then where are all the 'Investigative Reporters'?  This would be national news if there is some sort of 'cover up' from local, state, and even federal officials.  Also, why would they propose a Veterans cemetery on contaminated soil (please don't say...

    Eastwood is way over priced

    Owning the land is great if you can do anything you want to it, however that is not the case under the mighty grip of TIC.  Not sure if 'owning the land' is worth the extra costs.

    Eastwood is way over priced

    That may be true if there are Sub-Association dues (specific neighborhood), which would cover outside structure maintenance and repairs.  If you only pay Master Association dues (Village), then I believe the homeowner is responsible for structural maintenance and repairs, in addition to fire...

    Portola Springs III

    Wow...I guess you don't travel outside of Irvine much.  There a tens of thousands of acres dedicated to 'open space'.  Try venturing outside of Irvine and you may realize how nice this place really is.  On a side note, do you think this proposed Veterans Cemetery will actually get built...

    80% Of All New Home Buyers In Irvine Are Chinese

    I think the Irvine Co. requires new home buyers to fill out a Homeowner Survey Questionaire. That survey flat out asks the buyer what their race is.

    The mysterious Priority List

    I was at Nordstrom Rack the other day and wanted to buy a couple of shirts at a great price. But when I went to check out at the register, the line was 20 deep and I just left as I did not want to wait in line. Maybe the reason the "List" is so vague is twofold: 1) not enough ppl in line...

    Landfill getting bigger?

    The Methane plant is scheduled to be up and running by December this's just a tiny little plant situated behind the hillside, and will not look any different than it currently looks.

    Citrine at Portola Springs

    Grand Opening is September 26.  No Pricing Yet!

    Caserta II at Cypress Village (Phase 2) July 2015

    This is why you should have held on to that  Woodbury East Home: High rent, strong job growth, and a confident economy = Increasing cost of homes. Looks like you will be waiting it out for a while. On the bright side, at least...

    Caserta II at Cypress Village (Phase 2) July 2015

    Famous last words from the 'late to the party' buyer!

    Caserta II at Cypress Village (Phase 2) July 2015

    for $100k less, I'd do Caserta as most plan 3 walls do not touch your neighbor. And I heard HOAs include fire and casualty insurance, plus roof and siding coverage, which Jasmine does not.

    Caserta II at Cypress Village (Phase 2) July 2015

    Of course a detached will sell faster than attached, but only IF THEY ARE SIMILAR IN PRICE!  And, I disagree with your theory that if you can afford $700k then you can afford $800k. 

    Caserta II at Cypress Village (Phase 2) July 2015

    But for about the same square footage (1,800), aren't Jasmine homes in the low $800s?  Seems like a big jump to qualify for the difference.