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    Urgent help needed. I looking for a gutter service company in Fullerton

    and a roofing specialist as well. A company that I can trust and does good work. thanks.
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    Cooking Korean Food with Maangchi

    i will try to make the spicy tofu soup. thanks for the video.
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    I watched it so you don't have to tear you eyes out..."Million Dollar Listing"

    The kid with the Grandma knows how to make deals happen. I wish my agent could make a deal happen in my lifetime. :(
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    What is your opinion on the Parkhurst Community located in Fullerton?

    it located past slightly past the 57, they are gated,1998-2000 vintage. Relatively on the expensive side or overpriced.
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    What is your opinion on the Parkhurst Community located in Fullerton?

    Any thoughts on this neighborhood?
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    Flooring referral Yorba Linda

    im also interested in his services myself.. Please post feedback if anyone uses USC's dad for any work done to their homes.
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    What do you guys think of old Sunny Hills in Fullerton?

    man houses are moving in this area.
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    California Shabu Shabu

    The Shabu Shabu house in little tokyo is way better.
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    What do you guys think of old Sunny Hills in Fullerton?

    I've been trying to buy in that area but all the good upgrade houses are over a $1million. My budget is $950k, pre- approved and eagerly waiting for the prices to drop. I've been thinking of just putting my best offer in some of these million plus homes until somebody eventually sells to me...
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    another good landlord scam i've been hearing about is home owners renting out houses they default on. Only to have the sheriff and bank eventually evict the tenants that signed a one year lease stealing their deposit and rent. Ha Ha the world we live in. SCUM
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    Higher cancer rate in Olinda Ranch/Carbon Canyon area?

    i'm looking in this area...? Is this true?
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    Whats up with the government assigned appraisers? There was a huge difference in price between the lending institution appraisal and the gov. appraisal. The gov. appraiser just killed a deal.
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    what happens when you buy a house with unpermited structures on the estate?

    like there is a separately built guest house that is not permitted. What fines and civil penalties can be put on me. Will the city order the destruction of said structure?
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    Can anyone recommend a good home inspector in Irvine?

    Whats the feedback on the two people mentioned above?
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    Stock Market Day-Trading Discussion Thread

    i sold so many naked calls on MET and they missed earnings big time. All I need to avoid is the government interfering with the market. Did you guys see the move on LVS? I wanted to sell some naked calls on that but it just moved too damn fast.
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    Ford Stock

    You father seems like he doubled his money.. How do you not sell a double in this environment? GS just put a conviction buy on Ford. These are the same guys that told you oil was heading for $160 a barrel SELL SeLL SeLL Ford is in much better financial shape, but the failure of...