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    The title of this thread should be Doh!, not Dow.
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    Where to buy a piano?

    And a huge chunky eyesore too at home.
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    Corte Bella plan 1 in OH

    At $820K it is definitely a good buy although I would only buy corner lots because the backyard is too small otherwise. IMO OH is better than Stonegate and Corte Bella plans are better than San Mateo's. 1800 sf resale homes in Stonegate are getting close to $820k these days and it doesn't even...
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    Meet the new Google....Alphabet!

    I have an unease feeling that this is the beginning of Skynet.
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    It feels like using an iphone - always ask yourself how much juice you got left.
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    Presidential Elections

    Every presidents in the past has been an disappointment. I'D bet against my gut feelings this time - Mister Trump.
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    Nice place to read in Irvine?

    Crevier BMW car wash: free wash, free water and coffee, tables and chairs, sofa,  starbucks sans the line.
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    Beacon Park

    The difference between fob and the fobless.
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    Nice place to read in Irvine?

    Come on guys, admit it. If you have to sit at a shop like above mentioned to read, you are not there to read. You're there to see and to be seen.
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    Some would rightfully call it a 'Bangkok door'.
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    What was the last book you read?

    You have a very fine taste.  ;D How was it?
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    Irvine 'Living Wage' Rule - What is your take

    Sadistically manipulative. But me like it.
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    What was the last book you read?

    Not sure if people still read for leisure these days. What was the last book you read? How was it?
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    Portola Parkway

    Please beat a path out of it so that we could all follow.
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    Woodbury Elementary class writes letters to CEO, get a surprise

    No good deed goes unpunished.
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    Hardwood Flooring Depot

    99% are okay with it but it is not good enough for Irvine.
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    The return of light rail?

    Freaking selfish Woodbridgers. We should take away roads too so that they'd have to get in and out by boat.
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    Remove the Lock feature

    Doh. You've just given away test's gender. A red herring? Is it not? Or is it not not?
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    In 'which' God We Trust

    That will first annoy the atheist, then cause issues with religions who don't refer to their Almighty as God.