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Australia: Howard Springs Camp
« on: December 20, 2021, 09:51:32 AM »
This woman was double vaxed and was NOT sick before they took her away to camp.  She was then tested several times in the camp and tested negative each time.  She was only allowed to leave her unit to go do laundry under supervision (guard) and was threatened with extending her detention if she stepped over the yellow line on her deck.  So she was a close contact but was NOT sick and never became sick.  She lost her job because she was detained and could not go to work.  She has never had COVID.  I did read elsewhere that one of the detainees tried to commit suicide while she was in detention due to the powerlessness of the situation.  You have no right in the camps, no power, no recourse.  You are at the whim of the guards and the medical staff as evidenced by one of the staff threatening to extend her "stay" or detention.  Again, she was not sick and never was sick.  If you think this is ok, you are just rationalizing it because it is too scary otherwise to think about it.  Why is this scary?  Because no crime was committed, she didn't even know she was a close contact.  No evidence was presented, no proof of her having Covid was required for her detention.  No lawyer or anyone to plead her case was allowed. 

At the beginning, when this camp was built, the government promised that it was only for international travellers flying into the country and for a designated limited quarantine.  But this is all a boiling frog thing.  It can be changed any time without oversight.


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