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Author Topic: Estimate of deaths by end of June from Covid-19  (Read 3054 times)

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Re: Estimate of deaths by end of June from Covid-19
« Reply #60 on: June 25, 2020, 12:31:28 PM »

Likes to tell stories, talks about how many great things he does, calls everything fake news... and hates on the left... I think Starman is Trump's TI account. :)

While reading your brief post, Paydawg, I could not help but see the nonsense prattled by irvinehomeowner, whose very name boasts of "owning a home" in Irvine.

For the benefit of others besides irvinehomeowner, I will explain what is only too obvious to me and people of good will and common sense.

Decent people appreciate good ideas.  Indecent people, such as irvinehomeowner and his pal eyephone, find sour grapes everywhere.  My points and suggestions are not about me.  What hateful Leftists think about me is immaterial.   As Dennis Prager said, "You shouldn't care about what others think about you.  You should only care what God thinks about you."

You can choose to not help keep your community clean by picking up litter.
You can choose to not help your fellow man by not stopping to help someone else in need.
You can choose to look the other way when something needs to be repaired or the park lights need to be turned off, or there are electrical hazards that could kill a child. 

If you haven't thought about such things, maybe you should.   Better yet, do them.
But ridiculing someone purely out of your own ignorance and pettiness.... that's just sick, like looting and burning stores is sick.  Trump supporters aren't the ones doing the looting and arson and occupying central Seattle. 

Such hypocrisy!!!

If I'm on ignore, don't respond... that's the point. Otherwise, stop being a chicken and let's have a discussion... "that's what few men do".

Someone else that we previously talked about ran away from the discussion. Also, if you look back at his previously posts. He made far fetched political just like this guy. (same characteristic)

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