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Amazon Logistics Business (local delivery opportunity)
« on: October 04, 2019, 08:26:04 AM »
Heh... I guess I'm a target audience for radio ads since I don't watch TV with commercials (unless it's live sports).

Not sure where to post this but I heard this on the radio and found it interesting. It's basically to start up your own local delivery logistics service (about 20-40 delivery vans).

Low startup costs (AMZN estimates $10k and that's just for startup costs, I don't think they charge any type of franchise fee) and about $30k in liquidity required.

I'm always amazed by what Amazon does to increase their foothold in consumerism. By giving entrepreneurs the ability to create their own local business, they also improve their service to that area by providing faster deliveries to the people living there.

I think the main problem for trying to run this kind of business is hiring/managing drivers and then maintaining the van delivery fleet (which includes finding space to park the vans). Maybe if you had a big family you could hire all your cousins to be drivers but they probably could make more money driving for UPS. And this isn't something someone without logistics experience can just start up... probably much harder than starting a Kumon location.

Anyways... not working today so I'm bored and just spamming TI.
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Re: Amazon Logistics Business (local delivery opportunity)
« Reply #1 on: October 16, 2019, 09:38:29 AM »
Interestingly Amazon has been quietly buying up closed mega malls to convert to warehouse and distribution centers.  It's ingenious and insidious.  Most properties can be purchased cheap, they are properly zoned and centrally located with easy access and egress. Local governments are happy to put fallow property to use creating tax revenue and jobs...those guys are wicked smart.

Amazon Turns Shopping Malls Into Warehouses, Changing America's Community Landscape

After helping drive local shopping malls toward collapse, Amazon is coming back to finish the job: turning them into warehouses.

That’s according to scores of reports in recent years, including one early this month published in the Wall Street Journal, discussing how Amazon keeps on turning old malls into fulfillment centers in Northeast Ohio.

Apparently, this strategy makes a great deal of sense for Amazon, as it pushes customer experience to new limits, according to Sean Maharaj, managing director in the transportation logistics and retail practices of AArete.


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