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Driving School
« on: March 11, 2019, 03:37:39 PM »
The time has come for me to research driving schools as I will be signing up my big kid to take lessons any moment now. *White knuckles*. Does anyone have a local driving school they've had a good experience with?

A friend recommended Master Drive. She said it's pricey but worth it since they teach defensive driving and things like losing traction (not sure why that's important anymore since new cars have traction control.) I guess they used to have a track over by the Irvine amphitheater but moved their behind-the-wheel training to over by Angel Stadium. I'm considering all schools, though, and am open to suggestions.

It's cool that kids these days can do the driver's education online. The internet wasn't a thing a hundred years ago when I was in driver's ed, haha. Had to do it in the classroom. It's too bad the public schools here no longer offer driver's ed or behind-the-wheel training like they used to!


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