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Short trip to New Orleans
« on: December 04, 2018, 10:30:25 AM »

Just returned from short weekend outing to New Orleans.  A few observations:

1.  We had a list of restaurants to hit, some were duds and others had few good dishes.  "Cajun Seafood" on 1419 N Claiborne had good turkey wings, but the other stuff was so-so.  If you're used to the Taiwanese style beef noodle soup you may or may not like the local variety of Yakkamein.  But restaurants that serve this beef noodle have their own recipe so the taste varies from place to place.

2.  Pat O'Brien's at French quarter served good gumbo and excellent bread pudding.  And I mean excellent bread pudding.  Other stuff was just OK, don't order the wings (obviously reheated and soggy).  If you want to try to Hurricane drink order one and taste test it first.  It's an... acquired taste.

3.  Many restaurants inside the French quarter do business with tourists who will likely never return.  The Bojangles chicken here taste like it was cooked by tired and over-worked employee without love.  You might want to visit a location outside of French quarter.  While you're out you can also visit Waffle House for their loaded hash browns.

4.  St. Cecilia is a decent brunch place next to the French Market (flea market).  The flea market itself is filled with vendors selling cheap trinkets and fake jewelry.  There's a place at the flea market selling apple beignets, but I'd walk over to Cafe Du Monte and order their beignets.  Cafe Du Monte is open 24/7 and cheap.  $2.73 for coffee or plate of 3 beignets -- they were ~$1.80 about 10 years ago.  The local gift shops sell Cafe Du Monte coffee and boxed goods, but you can order that by mail, you don't need to haul heavy/bulky coffee cans back on the plane.

5.  On the way out we dined at Ruby Slipper Cafe.  Good food and generous portions.  Their freshly baked biscuits here is excellent with honey butter -- their benedicts are served on top of biscuits.  We unfortunately missed the Dec weekend special so I could only stare at the menu description:

Peppermint Chocolate Stuffed French Toast:  Brioche French toast stuffed with chocolate studded cheesecake filling, chocolate chips, and peppermint candy, and drizzled with a peppermint crème sauce)

Savory Bread Pudding Benedict:  Savory bread pudding "biscuits" topped with French Truck coffee-glazed ham, poached eggs and house-made hollandaise sauce.

Gingerbread and Cranberry Pancakes:  Gingerbread pancakes topped with crumbled gingersnaps and fresh cranberry compote. Our Mid-City staff says that this one "tastes like Christmas".

Of all the days we just had to end up there on Monday morning and missed the above.  >_>  Served Sat/Sun only.

6.  If you want to listen to jazz music at Preservation Hall, get there early and wait in line.  Late comers is standing room only.  Or pay $40 for reserved seats.

Lastly, when booking places to stay ask about noise level.  We booked a place next to main street and it was noisy all night in front bedroom (facing street), so I slept on the sofa in living room.  The hotels near French quarter is actually not as expensive, shop around.  Don't drive into French quarter (one way streets, traffic terrible, parking terrible), use Uber/Lyft.  If you check out of your hotel early and have time to burn, there are luggage storage service providers advertised on airbnb for $6 per luggage.

For those from the South, yes there are still Piggy Wiggly markets in New Orleans!  You can order their t-shirt online now, don't have to drive out there to buy one at the store.

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Re: Short trip to New Orleans
« Reply #1 on: December 04, 2018, 11:36:43 AM »
Hey, these foodie posts are supposed to be closer to noon. :)

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