Author Topic: Irvine city council candidate is caught dropping off his mom to PANHANDLE  (Read 438 times)

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I know Daily Mail is a just a crap tabloid, but I couldn't resist sharing

David Chey has been blasted and accused of elder abuse against his mom
The candidate for Irvine, California's City Council has been photographed and filmed dropping off Soon Chey, 86, to panhandle in Irvine and Laguna Beach
Laguna business owner and longtime resident Heidi Miller told the duo have been scamming people out of money in the area for 12 years
She shared photos of Soon Chey left alone with a sign that reads 'please help me' that she told were taken in Laguna Beach just two weeks ago
David Chey, who is not homeless, couldn't immediately be reached for comment
He faces 10 other opponents seeking one of two seats on Irvine's city council
Residents will vote to fill the two roles in the general election on November 6


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