If you could choose to live close to a school, what level would you prefer?

Elementary (K-6)
12 (70.6%)
Middle School (7-8)
2 (11.8%)
High School (9-12)
3 (17.6%)
Other (home school, no school, school of hard knocks)
0 (0%)

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Author Topic: Walking to school  (Read 2855 times)

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Re: Walking to school
« Reply #15 on: April 27, 2018, 07:59:04 AM »
"School drop off/pick up" means that many, many cars driving to and from the school near which is the highest concentration of children. Are you getting this?  The very place where all the cars and children come together?  If all of the children were walking or riding their bicycles, that danger would not be remotely as great.  It means that six kids would not have been hit.

So walking, biking and mass transit is the solution? :)

My children were in crosswalks for all of their school years in Irvine.  Tens of thousands are every single day, and so naturally you point out a single event here or there which serves to validate my point, that they are quite rare.  And they would be rarer if thousands of parents weren't driving their kids to school every single  day.

A few years ago, a retired couple was walking on the sidewalk on Yale to the gym when a Northwood High School student drove up on the sidewalk and killed them both.  Would you "want to walk on that sidewalk"?  I have and I still do.  The investigation paint marks were there for a very long time, and so were memorial crosses.
Anyone can find exceptions to a given rule.

Sure, but you do what you can to lower those chances. I'm an adult with more experience than children and quite frankly, may win in a collision with a car ("Nothing moves the Blob!!") so I can avoid dangers (although I have been almost hit several times when on my bike).

Unlike most of you, I was mugged when I was a kid walking home alone (obv not in Irvine) so maybe I have some bias. And I know a number of people who have incidents while walking home.

You live your life, I live mine.
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