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Re: Starting Landscaping - Rare Earth Systems
« on: June 18, 2013, 12:28:32 PM »
I just called John and he's coming tomorrow for an estimate. He knew right away where I am so I guess he is familiar with Stonegate.

I made sure I mentioned Rommel referred me.  ;)

Also, there are plenty of landscapers out there who will take your money... believe me.   The hard part is finding somebody good.   Hmmm.... I actually haven't heard back from Chris in a couple of days...   Hope this is not the start of something bad...
I agree, but who?  Who can I trust, has reasonable price, does a good job and communicates on timely manner?  I see a contractor who's doing my neighbor's yard, and he doesn't have a license, and I saw him shortcutting few things.
By the way, Chris never came back with quote on time, so I crossed him off my list.

I highly recommend the gentleman we recently settled on.

At the moment this is our experience with and opinion of him:
- He is definitely very trustworthy and knowledgeable and has had his business for over 40 years.
- He is licensed and insured.
- He is very easy to get in contact with via phone. (He's not so technically inclined, so he doesn't answer emails or texts.)
- He drew up the first draft of the design Friday after the Monday we met him (last week).
- He is extremely relaxed, friendly, and patient. In fact, yesterday we took a 2 hour drive around Irvine neighborhoods together to look at other homes' landscaping so we could discuss what we we liked and didn't like.
- He will have our official design ready for submission to the HOA by today or tomorrow.
- He is very anti-cookie-cutter. He was very unhappy with all the streets we saw where he could tell the same landscaper did several of the houses because they all looked so similar. He insists on only putting his name on a nice, custom design.
- His price is lower than everyone else for the same design and he doesn't require any up-front deposit.

I can't recommend him enough, especially after dealing with ~6 other contractors, most of whom stopped calling back or just never called back at all (after taking the time to measure our yard even)!

If you phone him, I'd really appreciate if you would please be sure to tell him Rommel referred you. (My name is pronounced RAW-mull.) I very much want him to know how much we appreciate his efforts. :) (In fact, after our 2-hour drive yesterday my wife is planning to buy him a $50 gift card to express our gratitude.) His name is John and can be reached at 714.351.9071.

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