Author Topic: How low can we go? 30 yr fixed at 3.75% with no fees...  (Read 847237 times)

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Re: How low can we go? 30 yr fixed at 3.75% with no fees...
« on: January 15, 2022, 12:13:22 PM »
@Cares. Yeah, not a great floorplan for either place. It's location, location, location - and view in these two cases. On that second property someone made close to $1m in about 120 days though. Congrats to those folks.

@Compressed-Village - Having lived here in OC during the last Fed engineered "soft landing" there really isn't such a thing (as
 I think you already know ;)  )

These were the times (Soft Landing: 1994-1995) that OC was in bankruptcy, the LA/OC employment base was crushed, and home prices were free-falling. This next soft landing will more likely for the nation, not just here, be as difficult as the 1979-1981 Volcker Fed one, chocked full of unanticipated effects that wont look like the last crash (2007-2010). My advice: hedge accordingly.
What would be the  best way to hedge in today's scenario, especially if you have bought or going to buy in today high price market?

If you bought the home as primary residence, then there's really nothing to do.

For me, I'm going to sell both my rental in Lake Elsinore (lease expires end of May) and my current home in Eastvale when I move into my new home in Irvine this June. I've already had the bad experience of owning the Lake Elsinore home for the past 15 years while it was under water all this time after moving to Eastvale. So I don't want to own real estate again other than the primary residence.

Borrow on the long as low rate as you can

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